Update on Family We are Working With and Good-bye Elder Dos Santos.

Elder Dos Santos from Brazil and I.  He is the other elder here in Chiquilaja. 
He has changes but I have had the opportunity to spend 4 and a half months with him.

Hey family! This week was an okay week we had some good lessons and received some good references but on the downside no one was able to come with us to church. But hopefully this next week we will have some people in church with us. The family that we are still working with the youngest son came to church last week and wants to go to everything and he loves going to church and he has friends in the ward so right now we are seeing if we should start with him and his brother who also wants to go to church. The mom of the family wants to listen but is really busy right now and is hardly in the house so we are having trouble finding her when she has time for us to share a message. One member asked us for a Book of Mormon this week so of course we asked why she needed a Book of Mormon and she said she has a friend that is really interested in the church so we are going to follow that reference and hopefully have an appointment this Sunday.

Our Chapel, then the Big Catholic Church
and the temple in the background.  Cool pic.
The quote for this week is a great one.

"The world would take people out of the slums. Christ takes the slums out of people, and then they take themselves out of the slums." 

- President Ezra Taft Benson. 

This quote is great because that is what the world does. The government is always building these neighborhoods and helping kids get out of the projects, When really maybe all they need is the gospel. Only if all the world knew that that is the solution to everything. 

Something very interesting is going on here in Xela with the Church. There is a huge petition going around all the chapels and wards and all the members are signing this paper to stop project Santa Fe I think it is. There is a group of people that are trying to build a huge apartment building in front of the temple. The guy who is building it is actually the ex-husband of a member of our ward. He received a huge amount of money recently. He was fired from his job as a national judge and when someone is fired from a position like that the government has to pay them their entire contract so he received a lot of money and then on top of that he sued the government for what they did and he won so he received more money and he has his job back. So he is going to build this huge building in front of the temple. Many of the members are really trying to stop it. We will see what happens. It is really sad because Xela is so beautiful because it has no big buildings, and the first will block the temple. I did sign the petition. Well love you guys so much and hope all is well and that things cool off there in Utah.

Con Amor,
Elder Reinhold

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