Getting to Know Calvario...

Family, how are you guys?

Well this week was great!  I am still getting used to the new area and I am still meeting the members and the investigators. This area is great. It is in the city but is a very strong ward with great members and leaders. The Bishop is awesome.  He has a lot of experience it is his second time being bishop in this ward and he was also in the stake presidency. He is a big guy. We went to his house the other day to eat and they had these like spaghetti casserole things and I ate like 5 servings with like 10 garlic breads. They kept saying if you leave hungry it is your fault and were telling us to eat with confidence.  Finally I finished the last bite of all the food and they gave us a huge bowl of ice-cream and of course I went for seconds.  It was one of the first times I have seen ice-cream like this in the mission. The area we live in is awesome.  It is a colony of Mormons.  Really.  That is what it is called.  The street we live on is all Mormons - like 15 houses. These 15 houses includes the bishop a previous stake president and almost all the leaders in the ward.
Also this week we had the chance to meet an old investigator from like 3 years ago and we show up to her house and it turns out she is Miss Huehuetenango and is in the pageant for miss Guatemala.  She is from Canada but has lived here since she was like 4 or 5 years old. Interesting that we have to report that we are teaching Miss Huehue.  She is reading the Book of Mormon so that is good.  Right now here in Calvario we have some good investigators. One that had a baby today was waiting until after she had her baby. Her name is J, her husband is a member and she said that she will be baptized the 21st so we will see how that goes.  Also, we have a few others that can be baptized so we will see how it goes.
Today for p-day we went to the ruins of Zaculeu.  It was really cool.  They are about 550 years old and it was the last city of the tribe of Mam.  The Spanish fought there for 4 months to conquer the city. We went there and there were people offering sacrifices. They were burning all sorts of stuff and saying chants in the language of Mam. It was really interesting to see that. Pure Lamanites here. The city of Zaculeu was settled in 250AD.  This is right in the story of the Book of Mormon. They starved the Mayan people of Zaculeu until they were eating their friends and then they signed a treaty to be converted to the Catholic church. 
The Quote for this week is a good one. "The jouney of a thousand miles begins with one step. So watch your step." Jeffrey R Holland. This is so true in our lives and be carful with our actions. That one step gives Satan a little room to enter and start work on the never-ending project of destroying souls and families. Thank you guys so much and remember that our Savior and our Heavenly Father love us and are always waiting for our prayers and our good actions.  I am so thankful for the opportunity I have to serve a mission here in Guatemala.

Elder Reinhold

New Area - Calvario!

Hi family!

Well I don't have a lot of time today but I will make it quick. First of all Happy Birthday Dad!  Sorry I could not be there but I am sure you will understand.  I hope that you had a good birthday and that you don't feel to old now that you almost have 2 kids in the mission field.  
Well I had changes and guess what I am back in my birthplace - Huehuetenango. All I can say is that it is blazing hot. Okay, not really but compared to Xela it is. I am not in the same zone as last time though. I am in the zone of Brazilia and in the area of Calvario. I am the new district leader here in Calvario. It feels a bit weird just coming to a new area and a new zone and being put as a district leader immediately. I feel like the people in it look at you a different way. But so far I love Calvario.  The ward is great.  They are always bringing people to church and are always willing to help us with anything possible. The organization of the ward and the bishop is amazing. My new companion is Elder Mar from Mexico (up north by the border of the United States). He is a great companion so far and we are doing some good work. He has about a little over 4 months here in this area. Sorry I took pictures this week but the computer will not let me send them so I will for sure next week.
The quote this week is "If for a while the harder you try the harder it gets, take heart. so it has been with the best people who ever lived." Jeffrey R Holland.  I love this because it is a testimony that greatness comes from adversity and that we should have a eternal perspective on our trials in life.
Well it is a whole different game now.  I have to ponder on revelation for the district and figure out how to motivate them. I am always thinking how I can get a bunch of people to find people to baptize when they already want to baptize. Well sorry it was really short this week.  I promise Ii will do better this next week.

Elder Reinhold