Baptism and New Companion.

Baptism of J--D--.
Well sorry about last week and not writing. It was a little bit crazy. My comp had emergency changes so we woke up super early to go to Xela for his changes. The ward is starting to get a little suspicious of what I am doing to my comps because they come and go really fast. I just tell them that they can't handle the heat. Kidding... Well that means I have a new companion. His name is Elder P-- from Honduras. He is a old guy in the mission he is going to finish his mission in 3 weeks that means I will kill him AKA kick him out of the mission. So it will be interesting to see my comp go home. I curse my companions. I have had 4 comps go home early.
Our Chapel in Calvario.

Well last week and this week were pretty good because we had a baptism. J-- D-- got baptized.  It was great.  The baptism was a little bit unorganized but it all worked out fine in the end. He really is a great person and will be a great asset to the Lord if he continues staying strong in the gospel. This week was a little bit hard.  A lot of our appointments fell through but we powered through and are hoping that this week will be a bit better. But that is the life of the missionary.  Every week is different and some weeks you have tons of people to teach and some you feel like you have nobody. But here we are working hard.
The quote for this week is "In our time the only restraint left is self restraint." -Jeffrey R. Holland.  Who would have thought it was from my boy Jeffrey? This is a great quote.
Parents stop trying to keep your kids out of bad stuff IT DOES NOT WORK. It is all around them. You need to teach them to keep themselves out of that stuff because even if you try to keep them away from drugs, alcohol and pornography they will confront it someday.  Like the quote says there are no restraints in the world today. Before in the olden days you had to search for bad stuff you had to go buy pornography but now you cannot completely avoid it. Like Joseph smith taught teach correct principles and then they govern themselves. Well that is enough for today.  Love all of you guys and wish you the best.

Elder Reinhold

No letter this week....

From Jakob's mom:

Elder Reinhold quickly wrote last Monday and said that his companion ended up getting transfered, so he was at the mission offices all day.  He has a new companion who has less than a month left in the mission.  That is all we know for now.  He will write again on Monday and will let us know how things are going.

ONE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so sad. I can't believe I am on the downside of the mission.  I want to extend an extra year.  Well this week was good.  It was a little bit interesting.  Just as we thought we were going to slip past the changes, just one day after we got a call saying that my comp had emergency changes. So Thursday in the morning we packed everything up and headed to Xela. When we arrived to the office to have interviews with the president he told me my new comp was going to be Elder Dos Santos. And yes, this is the Elder Dos Santos that I spent 4 and a half months with in Chiquilaja. I was very surprised to find out we would be companions again. We make a good match and I think that we will do some good work here in Calvario.  It turned out he had been having some issues with his last area so President wanted to change him.  Right now we are doing great. We are going to baptize a ton.  We have lots of really positive people and we are working hard and being obedient.  Right now we have 2 Baptisms.  One this Saturday, which is the baptism of J-- D--. And on the 19th we have the baptism of G--.  We also have some other people that we are going to put dates with.  This week president is coming to work with us for a night.  Talk about pressure to put good citas.  No, I am just kidding.  We are just thinking about the people that he can help with his knowledge and authority.  I am excited to work with him for the first time in my mission

Talk about general conference.  It was great. There were a couple that stood out to me. President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Doubt your Doubt. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, Mentally Challenged. President Thomas S. Monson when he visits his friend and David A. Bednar about Tithing. There was a few others that really impacted me but those were the best ones, I thought.  I was very happy though because we were able to watch it in English so we were able to really feel the emotion.  Also, one talk that I have listened to various times this week that I highly recommend that you take 15 minutes to be spiritually edified by. It is the talk, Safety for the Soul, by Jeffrey R. Holland.  It is an incredible talk. The Quote of the week is "Life would be simpler for all of us if we would obey such rules completely. Many of us, however, learn through experience the wisdom of being obedient." Thomas S. Monson. This is pretty self explanatory.  I love every one of you so much and am so grateful for the support I have received in my time in the mission.  I will talk to you guys in a couple of months.... Well these days I never have to much time on the computer. See ya'!

Elder Reinhold

Lots of Work to Do in Calvario!

September 30, 2013

Family and friends,
Well this week was great. M-- was baptized!!! She was so prepared to have the gospel. She was baptized only 4 weeks after we talked to her the first time. She is awesome.  She wants to serve a mission and was sad that she has to wait 1 year to do her papers. I think she will be a valuable tool in the Lord's hands when the gospel will reach her village of San Pedro Soloma.

This week we also have a baptism his name is J-- D--. He is family of some members and has been assisting church for a while.  It is great that he will be baptized this week.  Calvario is an area just packed with work and baptisms.  We cant keep up with them and guess what?  They just closed Calvario 2.  Now we will be the only companionship here and now we have to take all of their investigadores and everything it is going to be crazy. It is really weird to me that they would close an area that baptizes a bunch and that has tons of work to do. But we will see what they have in mind.

The quote for this week is "Providing an opportunity for the Savior to enlighten our understanding, Peter once inquired how many times he should forgive his brother and then asked, "Till seven times?" Surely that would be more than enough. But the saviors response opened wide the door to his merciful heart. " I say not unto thee seven times, but seven times seventy" Craig Cardon This quote is great as it shows that it is never to late to change, to ask forgiveness, to return to the church to start fulfilling you calling whatever it may be.  IT IS NOT TO LATE!!! The Savior is there and is waiting for your prayer. I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to be here in Huehuetenango and love it here. Sorry today we are really short on time but love you guys so much and talk to you next week.

Elder Reinhold

Working in Calvario. Even dug a well!

 September 23, 2013

This is the gang of Calvario right now.

September 23, 2013

Hey family!

Que tal la vida? Oh yeah, and what happened BYU?  That's 4 years in a row! But I am so happy they lost. It's not because I love Utah or because I hate BYU, it's just because I love getting under the skin of all the BYU honks here in the mission.  I wrote a list of all the pros of Utah and stuff about BYU. 

We ordered pizza.  It was gringo time!
1. At Utah they are Obama lovers and just like it says in article of faith number 12 we should support all of our government leaders.  BYU has a lot of Obama Haters.  (Okay, maybe not quite right.)
2. Liberalism is almost exactly what is described as the pure love of Christ. 
3. At Utah there are not any hypocrites because you can't have hypocrites if you don't have rules. 
4. At Utah more parties for the opportunidad (is that the Spanish word?  Cute!) to share the gospel with non-members who have problems with chastity and word of wisdom. 
5. The majority of the apostles went to Utah through personal revelation. If God is telling them to go there it must be God's school. 
6. Boost economy with beer and marijuana imports.  Ii could go into statistics but not now. 
7. A lot of the liberal people like to scruffy look with beards and ebrything (I like how he spells it with a "b" now!)  they are just following the example of Christ. Not to mention that Christ would be asked to fix his "look" on the BYU campus.
8. Utah was created by the church before BYU was. 

We will just say that I have a lot of fired up BYU fans here and I have them just where I want them.

Everything here in Calvario is great. This week we put a baptismal date with M-- and I think that everything looks good with her. If so she will be baptized this Saturday. We also have several other baptisms that will happen in the next month but only according to our obedience and diligence. My comp has a lot of time here so he will have changes next Tuesday -  just about a week. I am already getting a new comp. This week was great.  We did splits with the zone leader and Elder Smith came to Calvario with me, and my comp went to Brazilia with the other zone leader.  I learned a lot from a seasoned zone leader.  It was good. This week we had a goal in the zone to find 2 families to teach and everybody in the district did it so that is great.

This week we did service digging a well it was a good experience and also a funny experience. This member has been trying to set up service with my comp like 3 times but my comp has not gone, so he just wants to work my comp to the bone.  He was getting ready to finally put him to work so when I showed up with Elder Smith, the zone leader, to do the service he was so mad. He was just talking bad about Mexicans and everything so we kind of threw him under the bus. This is what we said, "Oh now we understand why Elder Mar wanted to do splits so badly.  He just kept asking and asking and now we understand."  It was so funny.  When we saw him in church he just lit Elder Mar up. 

Well the quote for this week is, "It will be a joy to hear the words well done, thou good and faithful servant." Henry B. Eyring.

This is the whole purpose in this life.  Love it in a way that this will be what we will hear in the final judgement.  I hope that we can all keep in mind that moment when we will stand before God. 

Well love you guys and talk to you next week.

Elder Reinhold