Lots of Work to Do in Calvario!

September 30, 2013

Family and friends,
Well this week was great. M-- was baptized!!! She was so prepared to have the gospel. She was baptized only 4 weeks after we talked to her the first time. She is awesome.  She wants to serve a mission and was sad that she has to wait 1 year to do her papers. I think she will be a valuable tool in the Lord's hands when the gospel will reach her village of San Pedro Soloma.

This week we also have a baptism his name is J-- D--. He is family of some members and has been assisting church for a while.  It is great that he will be baptized this week.  Calvario is an area just packed with work and baptisms.  We cant keep up with them and guess what?  They just closed Calvario 2.  Now we will be the only companionship here and now we have to take all of their investigadores and everything it is going to be crazy. It is really weird to me that they would close an area that baptizes a bunch and that has tons of work to do. But we will see what they have in mind.

The quote for this week is "Providing an opportunity for the Savior to enlighten our understanding, Peter once inquired how many times he should forgive his brother and then asked, "Till seven times?" Surely that would be more than enough. But the saviors response opened wide the door to his merciful heart. " I say not unto thee seven times, but seven times seventy" Craig Cardon This quote is great as it shows that it is never to late to change, to ask forgiveness, to return to the church to start fulfilling you calling whatever it may be.  IT IS NOT TO LATE!!! The Savior is there and is waiting for your prayer. I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to be here in Huehuetenango and love it here. Sorry today we are really short on time but love you guys so much and talk to you next week.

Elder Reinhold

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