Feliz Navidad Familia!

How is the Christmas season there? First of all let me just say that my leg is doing much better. Thank you for the fast. I know with assurity that it helped a ton. The nurses sent me crutches, but I said there is no way I will use those in the mountains of Guatemala.
These are my shoes with one day on them without cleaning.
Oh yeah, it was pretty cool to be here for the 13 Baktun. The Mayans didn't believe that the world was going to end, they were just celebrating the 13 Baktun which is that every 400 years it is a new era. We have big ruins here in Huehue callled Zaculeu. I'm sure if you look it up on google you can see the ruins and the rituals.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zaculeu?vm=r&s=1
Christmas here is pretty crazy especially for missionaries because you have tons of drunks. Missionaries and drunks do mix very well I have learned. This week we had experiences with drunk people. The first was we were talking to some investigators in the street and a guy came up and started yelling at us so we backed off and had nothing to do with him. He was saying he wanted to fight and stuff so we ran in the investigators house and locked the door. We watched him out the window and about 30 minutes later we went outside. There was this guy about 100 yards away waving his arms in the air making all these funny signs and saying, "Mormons!" Just yelling it and people are watching in the street. He came closer and closer saying, "You guys think you can change my life?!" He was calling us pansies and stuff. Let me just say that I am grateful that alcohol has the dissorientati├▒on effect because I know I have size on them and they are drunk so they are not all there.
A couple of times I was thinking there might come a time in my mission where a drunk is going to swing at me or try something else. It all worked out this time. We hid in a house again and then the funniest part was that the other guy returned and got in the other guy's face so he kicked him as hard as he could and it turned into a brawl. It was so funny. I was laughing so hard. My comp said that one of his other comps was attacked by a drunk and he was a Poly. The drunk guy swung and the missionary hit him 3 times and he was knocked out and my comp was like, "Holy cow! What just happened?" But, in 4 Nephi 1:29 it says that people will persecute the true church because of their humility, so I have to remember that we are representatives of Christ and would Christ knock some one out? I don't think so. One thing I did want to say to him when he was yelling, "Oh you are going to change my life?" I wanted to say that it says in the Bible that faith without works is nothing and have you tried to pray and ask if this Church is true? Well I have and that is why I am here on a mission for 2 years of my life. So, here is a Book of Mormon and a pamphlet on the restauracion. Try it. I know there is more I wanted to to write about but I cannot remember.
Ward Christmas Party.  We had a choir, but it was terrible!
Our Christmas tree.
Me using the canned snow.
(Any of you that saw the first Buddy the Elf photo, this is the second!)
Well, merry Christmas and remember the true reason for Christmas.
Love you guys and talk to you tomorrow!
Elder Reinhold
Me with my companion, an investagator named S--, and F-- who's a new convert.

No, Mom.  I didn't trade your favorite tie!

This is my diet -  basically every missionary's diet.  Tortrixes are good because they are only 1 quetzal which is like 12 cents in the States and Fruitadas are like 6 cents.  Tortrix are chips and Fruitada is like a juice.
My tan line.  I'll be Latino soon!

Teaching and trying to heal.

Hey guys,
Thank you so much for all the support and emails. By the way, the best way to write me is by email now and I have more time to email in the field, so it is way better. Well this week has been good and hard. First I will start with the hard. My leg has gotten worse and I think that what I have heard from the other missionaries is that I might spend time in the mission office which kind of stinks because I just want to work and do what missionaries are supposed to do, but now the one time in my life when I need my leg it decides to go bad on me. Today I am going to talk to the doctors and I will let you know, but don't worry it will all be fine and sorry if my English starts to get bad because I am getting to the point where I cannot remember some words in English. I am just continually thinking of my Savior and what He has done for me and it gives me strength. In my favorite video it says that we must be prepared to walk something of what the Savior walked. How do we expect to have a lasting and moving testimony if we have never shed one tear of sorrow like the Savior? Something along those lines, and I have shed a lot of tears since I have been here - good and bad tears. When I don't think of my leg I have the best times talking with people. I love it, and I know that this leg is just a trial and it says in the scriptures it isn't that you endure the trial its how you endure it. If you endure it well then we shall have the Spirit or something like that. I know that I have a lot to do before I can leave this place and I know that I have a part to do here. When I saw my president without knowing me he said I have the gift of discernment and "I can tell that you will contribute greatly to this work and that we need you." I have not fulfilled anything yet but we will see.
Anyways...to the good, I had a great experience with one of our investigadores his name is J---. He is a really tough investigador. He does not believe in the Bible, which down here is like a crime. When we taught him the first lesson he had questions about all the black eyes of the Church. It's like he had been a member his whole life and had questions. It was difficult, but for our second lesson we watched The Testament. It's about Jesus coming to the Americas and His miracles. At the end J--- was crying and the Spirit was so strong, so with my little Spanish I shared my testimony. I never cry when I share my testimony, but I did this time. I told him that I knew the Book of Mormon was true and that is why I am on a mission and he felt the Spirit even stronger and so did I. Then we asked him to read the Book of Mormon and he was highlighting what he was going to read. He took interest in it and I walked out of there and said a prayer and thanked God for that lesson. Lessons like those are what change people's lives. In that lesson I also learned that Spanish is secondary and the Spirit is first. We barely said any words and the Spirit did all the work. So this week we will follow up if I am not in the office ha ha. This week on Thursday our ward is having a Christmas party so we are inviting all the people we can. We are visiting a lot of less active members this week and it has gone well. One thing I have learned about this mission is that it is hard. The name of our zone is Zaculeu. Our theme is "Realizemos cosas dificiles." I don't know how to spell it, but it means we realize things are hard. It is true but it is a great experience. This mission is low baptizing. In our ward last year they had 8 baptisms. Five were by my companion and they did it in 1 1/2 months so only 3 before that, but it is good. I think they just needed some real Elders in there. Anyways, no matter what happens with my leg, I know that I have the Lord's help and that's all I need.
Next week we get to go to the ruins in our zone.
Love you guys and talk to you next week.
Elder Reinhold
P.S. The only thing that is keeping me sane here is in the MTC I bought Church history movies in English. I watch them every night.
Answers to Questions:
How is your bed? My bed is decent.
What do the Mayan people think about the whole Mayan Apocalypse? I don't really hear anything about the world ending. I think it is something that The States just made big.
Are you sick? No, I am not sick. I am healthy. I have lost weight but my leg is not too great. It's okay.  It just needs time to heal, but I love it here. It is pretty cool and cold haha.
Me with my companion riding in the back of a truck.  We ride a lot like this.

With F---.  He is a recent convert.  We were able to confirm and ordain him.

Recent convert!
The child of our investigator.
Look how cute he is!

My companion burning his tie for his 6 month mark.

Today my zone played football against another zone but I couldn't play.
We all got customized jerseys with our names.

The wall at Zumbas. We go there every p-day.
It is a restaurant that missionaries go to and only missionaires are allowed to write on the wall. 

My name on the wall.


Huehuetenango! I love it!

Hola familia!
Wow! This has been a good and interesting week. I have learned a lot and have grown a lot. First of all let me just say that I know I am where I am supposed to be because there are a lot of places that I don't think my leg could have handled. I am serving in the city of Huehuetenango. I love it! I am thankful that I am in a mission where you get the opportunity to work in the city and outside of the city.  My area is called Las Flores. It is a great area. I love it!  It is in the heart of Huehue.

The city is fun once you get the hang of it. My companion is Elder S---. He is from El Hefe de Mejico (Mexico City.) He is a great missionary! He tried to give me the "We are going to work harder than you gringo have ever worked in your life," but it didn't work. We get along great and he is great at teaching lessons. So, I am learning the Mexican ways. It might be good since there are a lot of Mexicans in the States. I am lucky too because he talks really clearly and not really fast. He is really good even though he teaches me like I have never heard of the Gospel. I am glad to have a Latino companion because they can help you in situations. During the week I wrote down all the experiences I had in just a few words each. After I will explain a few of them. Not going to lie. The first 2 days I wanted to leave because I could not eat because of nerves. Plus, people just don't eat here. I don't eat breakfast because the dishes in our place have not been washed in forever and we don't have soap yet. Then we have lunch at members' houses. We get good food there but then they don't eat dinner here. When I walked in to email, Elder Mauter was in here. He was my comp in Provo and he said he can tell I have lost a lot of weight. I think I have lost about 10 or 15 pounds in a week! We will see how this goes. Haha!
So the first day we needed a bus to get to the other side of the area and a minivan was going by and we hopped on but there had to be 15 people on this thing. My comp and I are standing in the doorway of the bus, I have 1 foot on the bottom and 1 hand on the roof rack and we are going like 45 or 50 miles and hour on the main road. My comp says to me, "Welcome to Huehue!" At that moment I decided that I just need to forget it and live like the people. We ride like that often. Yesterday we were looking for a service opportunity and we saw a man, he looked about 80 or 85 years old, standing over a well with a wheelbarrow. We went over and they were digging a well. They had it about 40 feet deep and I couldn't see because it was dark, but there was a guy down there digging. There was no rope only little holes for his feet. It is a dangerous thing. They dig all of their wells by hand. It's amazing! I have pictures.
The first day in the field our bathroom had a broken fitting, so the hose was sitting in the toilet so it wouldn't flood. We went out for the day and came back and we had 2 inches of water in our whole house, so I spent 2 hours sweeping water. All my stuff was wet so it was a good way to start out. Figured out that there are some people that hate gringos, but for the most part the people here are so nice. I love the people.
It is freezing here. I underestimated the cold. When we wake up in the morning it is so cold I just want to start a fire. It feels like when you are camping and you don't want to get out of your sleeping bag. During the day it is so nice though. KFC stinks. They have this fried chicked here that we have had a couple of times at members' houses that is so good. I love it. They have a burn Satan holiday. The other night we came out of a lesson and there was smoke everywhere and fires everywhere. I was like, "What is going on?" It's just a holiday where they burn dummies of Satan. Kind of interesting.
We had our first baptismal date this week. Her name is Sarah and she is from the Dominican Republic. She is so hard to understand, but I am working on it. And yes, I learned how to give a 15 minute talk in sacrament meeting in a language I don't know. It went well.
Teaching a Family
Also, it is kind of weird seeing drunk people just passed out in the middle of the road and last night they had this parade come through the city that was the equivalent of a Disney parade. They had music and the chipmunks and all sorts of characters. I am loving every moment of it now that I am in the groove. It stinks because we have to buy water and watch what we eat, but there is no way to never get sick because you eat at members' houses and they make juices with the water and stuff...but it's okay. I love it here! We get to do lots of fun things. Anyways, I will attach pictures because I am in the field now. Yay! Well, I love you guys, and also, here are the addresses for getting stuff to me. The first address is for letters and the second is for packages. If you already sent them they will get to me. It might take a while though.
Thanks for all the support!
Elder Reinhold

Elder Jakob Reinhold
Mision Guatemala Quetzaltenango
5a Calle 14-35, Zona 3
09001 Apartado Postal 206
Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Mision Guatemala Quetzaltenango
Elder Jakob Reinhold
5a calle 14-35 zona 3
Edificio Las Tapias, Oficina 105
09001 Apartado Postal 206
Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
Numero de Telefono (502) 7763-7471

Guatemala Mission MTC Photos!


Love This Kid...

Dear Family,

Let me just start out and say thank you guys for everything.  Thank you guys for getting me on a mission.  This whole mission experience so far has been the hardest and funnest experience I have had.  First, I want to express to you guys the increased desire that I have received .  All I want to do is increase my knowledge about Church books and the Book of Mormon.  My dream is to have a bookshelf full of Books of Mormon - each for studying a different topic of the gospel.  That is why I asked that you guys send me another one.  I hope and pray that I can maintain that desire throughout my whole life and I challenge you guys to awaken those desires in yourselves.  It is through this we can understand the mysteries of God, but it says in Alma that so great are the things that can be revealed that they are too sacred to share. 

I don't know if you had the chance to watch the video Missionary Work and the Atonement, but there are about 5 or 6 lines in there that are incredible.  President Eyring says somthing like, "Whenever I am tempted to rest after a priesthood service I give myself this rallying cry, 'Remember Him.' "  This hits me hard everytime because as missionaries we need this often.  I also love when Elder Holland says that he believes that missionary work and church membership and staying active is not easy and that it's supposed to requie something of our souls.  Then he goes on to say that we must be prepared to walk some part of what the Savior walked and felt because missionary work is not easy.  Please always turn to the Lord.  Always pray and never let your own desires distract you from the Lord.  That is one thing I need to work on and will always need to work on.  Stay strong and have faith.  Please start family prayer and scripture study.  I finally realize how important it is.

Done with the spiritual stuff for now.  Now that I am in Guatemala, I have heard nothing but good about Quetzaltenango.  One of my teachers wants to live there and there have been Latinos that have told us that that is where they were praying to go.  They say that it is very indigenous and it is cool because the people cook with wood and the women wear the traditional clothing.  Many Church historians or scholars believe that Quetzaltenango (Xela) is about where the City of Zarahemla was and that Guatemala City is where Nephi was.

We have a lot of missionaries come through the MTC.  One came because he fell at a bridge and broke a knee and had to get surgery on his other one.  Then we had two missionaries that were on their way home.  We have talked to natives in theTemple about it.  What I have heard about Quetzaltenango is that it is very beautiful and tranquil.  An analogy I heard was that you can go walking on the street at midnight and not get shot.  You can't do that in Guatemala City.  Most of them said that they eat some weird stuff that looked like meat but it is really stretchy like gum.  Also one of the missionaries said he was offered a tarantula and he just said that he was not going to eat, it which is offensive here.  Also, they eat a bird that is the equivalent of a crow in the States.   It is called a Cenate.  He said it is known for the ancient people and traditions.  One of the missionaries lost 42 pounds, one lost 30 pounds, and one lost 150 pounds!  We asked one from California about the mission and his attitude was a bit iffy, but he said you will love it if you like poverty and parasites.  He said he got 3 parasites in his first area. 

One thing I have realized is that it is very cold here.  In the mornings when we have gym it is like a November morning in Utah.  We can see our breath and I am not even in Quetzaltenango yet.  I am so excited to see who my trainer is.  I am just praying for a good trainer.  I have learned a lot about who I really am.  I am learning how to channel that higher level of thinking and the hyperdrive mode I have.  The one you guys saw a little of before my mission.  (Mom is smiling...that might be an understatement.)  It is very hard to control, but when I want to I can flip the switch to return to my normal state.  I don't believe that the normal state is heatlhy though.  I need to learn how to control my other state.  Trust me, if I can perfect the hyper state I could probably cure cancer.  This hyper state is a very high functioning level and it is healthy.  This state is how I win board games. Ha ha ha. This state raises everything including pride and self-confidence - which on the mission I need Lord confidence, so it goes off and on.  One thing I know is that when I shut it down, it is not healthy and I had to shut it down all through school.  I have been so blessed that at times it is hard to be humble, yet I know that all my blessings come from God.  Well, enough about this psychological inward thinking.  All I know is I have a lot to learn on my mission.  Also, I talked to the doctor here and he said the glucosamine is very expensive and chewable Airbornes.

Ethan - Love you!  Be a good boy.  Make sure to say your prayers.  When I get home, Christmas will be right around the corner.  Have a happy Christmas.  Feliz Navidad!!  Learn Spanish.

Keech - Love you so much.  I know that I am connected to you more than just in this world.  I love you so much you don't even know.  Keep it up and trust in the Lord.

Dad - Love ya.  Thanks for all your support.  It's pretty sketchy down here but think back to your mission and realize the blessings.  No tracting this week because 7 people were murdered less than 1 mile away this week alone.  The Church determined it was not safe.  Keep strong.  Bring the family together.  Love you.

Mom - Love you.  Basically all that section was for you.  Keep strong.  I am doing fine.  I love it down here.  It is beautiful.  We watched a video called Journey of Faith or Journey of Promised Land.  It was cool.  It could be because I am looking through MTC goggles.

Don't worry about me. I am so prepared for Central America compared to most because of my experiences in Mexico. People always look to me.

Love you guys so much!!!

Your Missionary,
Elder Reinhold

Last minute business....

Hola familia!
We get to email today because we might not get to the first week in the field. Well, it has been pretty uneventful since Saturday, so this letter will be more informal. This week has been good but kind of hard. I don't know if I told you but I hurt my hip the 2nd week in the CCM and it took about 5 or 6 weeks to be able to play sports again.  Dont worry.  We have an incredible doctor here.  He is the doctor for all of Central America, but it hurt really bad. Anyways, this week I was doing well and now my thigh muscle is swollen right above the knee and in the middle of the thigh and I am having trouble walking. It is a little scary because I go into the field tomorrow.   I am sure I will be just fine because it says so in my patriarchal blessing. The doctor said it was like a muscle contraction but I don't know why it is happening. Well keep me in your prayers...but I am fine. Worst comes to worst, I have to hobble around for a couple of days. Maybe this is my humbling experience. This is funny. Now that I have learned more and more about the gospel, the more I realize that I have not had my trial yet and that I am due just like the stories in the Book of Mormon.  They were always needing to be humbled, so wish me luck. Just kidding.

I have not recieved any of the packages here except for the postcard that Mom sent from New York. A couple of things that will help when you send it is make sure that it has stickers on it and make sure it says Elder.  If it does not say Elder they wait until you come pick it up and I can't. Also Dad, sorry. Here in the CCM they are very strict about email and there's no sending pictures.  I forgot to tell you on Saturday.   Also those charges on my card were correct. I withdrew 300 quetzales 2 times because I only have dollars, but once I get in the field I will be fine.

All I hear is good about my mission. All the people from Guatemala say that it is the best mission in the world and they are serious. Some of them prayed that they would go there. People say that it is cold, so dad I am glad I threw in that sweatshirt the night before I left because I use it here every morning. It is like 40 or 50 degrees in the mornings and I still have 3000 feet to go. Because my companion is going to the North Mission, I got a new companion today. His name is Elder S--.  He is from Yucatan Penninsula. I don't know if you remember when we went to Ek Balam to those ruins, but he lives about 30 minutes from there.

Well anyways, time is up. Love you guys so much! The church is true and tell Ethan to learn Spanish because he could learn it easily with his blood and his memory. Just kidding! :) I'm sure that's what he wants to do.
Love you all and don't worry about my leg. It's fine.
Elder Reinhold

Wrapping it up at the Guatemala MTC...

Hola familia,

¿Como estan? ¿Como fue su semana? Well I have been thinking of what to talk about this week in my email and I can't think of anything that was super eventful. This week we have had infield orientation so it has been (I'm not going to lie) pretty boring. It is 10 hours straight in a classroom talking about our purpose and practicing teaching and all sorts of stuff, but we are done now. I leave for Quetzaltenango at 8:30 in the morning on Tuesday. It is a 4 hour ride to get there. I heard that the bus ride is incredible because you gain 4000 feet and there is a series of lakes and mountains. All I have heard about Quetzaltenango is that it is amazing. The people are so humble and have no need for technology. I have gained a love for the people already and I want to serve them with all my heart.
I love you all and I want you guys to know that the Savior lives and that He wants nothing more than for all of us to return to Him. I know that as missionaries we are called of God to return to Him and bring as many people back with us. I know that He was perfect and still asked if the cup could pass Him. It was the will of The Father and we cannot let the opportunity to gain from that go to waste. One thing that I have found that has helped me be more Christ-like is every day or week I pick a Christ-like attribute to read about in the scriptures and strive to improve in my life. I know that we can live this life and know of God and believe in God and Christ and be just fine, but if we go the extra mile and be a constant representative of Jesus Christ the windows of heaven will be opened unto us. I want you guys to know that my desire to know and live the gospel has grown ten times since I left the life I once had.
Love you guys. Pray often and never forget who has given you the blessings in your lives. Next week I'm sure I will have much more to write about, but see you later.
Elder Reinhold

All the things I needed to know...I already knew!

November 24, 2012

Hey family!
How is it there? Sounds like everything is going well. Anyway, this week has been great. I have grown a lot. I have learned a lot about myself and the inner purposes of life. Schedule wise, this week has been kind of uneventful. We had the opportunity to go and tract around the temple and up the street. It is very fun and sometimes very humbling. This week I have really learned about how I need to be an example to everyone. I noticed that whenever I joke around in class the whole class jokes and when I study hard the whole class studies, but I am grateful for the opportunity to set an example.
I am not quite sure why this kind of stuff happens but yesterday I had a cool experience.   A missionary that I have gotten to know pretty well came up to me and said, "I need a pep talk tonight." I was like, "What does that mean?" About 30 minutes later I found him and asked him what was up. He said he had been praying about some issues and problems he had been having in the MTC.  When he prayed to ask who he should talk to he got the answer that he needed to talk to me. I'm thinking, "What can I do for a missionary like this?" I have problems myself and I can think of many better missionaries for him to talk to, but we sat down and talked for about 30 minutes or so.  I shared many scriptures with him and afterward he said, "I now know why I needed to talk to you." I felt the Spirit so strongly. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a tool in the Lord's hands. It is the best feeling and this is also the work of the Lord.
I want you guys to know, especially all the moms who have missionaries out, that it is not only a privilege to have the Spirit with you while you are a missionary but a promise if you are worthy of the blessings. I know that that is the only reason the church can confidently send missionaries to some of the most dangerous places and we can walk down allies in the middle of Guatemalan cities and know that if we are worthy we will be protected.
Thank you guys so much for the support.
It is amazing and I can't wait to be 'in the field' in a little over a week! It's crazy.
Pray always and remember Him.
Love you,
Elder Reinhold

*The blog editors (mom and dad) love this email. It is so great to watch your kids 'grow up' and watch them learn experientially the things you try to teach them all along...be an example, love your brother, do what you know is right, have faith, etc. I'm going to ignore the implications in the message to the mothers about the allies of Guatemala and the need for protection. Surely, he must have just run out of things to say.


Hola Familia,

Como esta ustedes? Everything here is good.  Thank you so much for the letters everyone.  They are really so great to read and also it is great to hear what is going on in the States.  Thank you Mosers for the packages and the letters!  I wrote a letter in Provo but I never had a chance to send it, so thank you very much.  Dad, to answer your question, no I have not received the first package yet but I will let you know.  Also when you get a chance, maybe for my Christmas package, can you send me a new mp3 player?  Mine got stolen by these little kids who come every three weeks and clean our rooms. I pray every night that they may feel Gods love for them and that they may feel the Spirit with the music that was on it.

Well I really do love it here.  I could see myself living down here.  I have lost about 10 pounds and I don't know how.  I have not even left the CCM.  Anyway, this week we had the opportunity to do our bus tour.  It was great!  We went to a market and then we went to a really modern mall.  The mall was so nice it was like an indoor version of City Creek but like 4 times the size.  I had my first meal from outside the CCM.  I had to pick McDonald's just because I had to live up to the American reputation.  They had some really cool stores but it was expensive.  We were not able to see some of the stuff in the city because they said that there was some riots going on.  I wonder what it is about?  It was really fun!  We were out on our own. I learned a lot!  First of all, that I need to work on my numbers in Spanish because I had no idea how much people were saying things cost. I can't wait to get in the field because we can go preach the gospel and not have to report back to the CCM.

Last night I had the opportunity to stay a night in the hospital with one of my district members who was passing a kidney stone.  We were taking shifts to go and stay with him.  It was good because I had the chance to do a lot of reading, but it was really hot and boring because he was asleep the whole time and I had nobody to talk to. He is doing fine and is back at the CCM now.

My Spanish is coming along.  It is just a very long process.  I am to the point where I can understand almost all of it, but I can not speak it very well.  I have a gift for hearing it, but I need help speaking.  I am not behind in my group.  I am just not excelling.

Yo quiero ustedes saber que yo se que soy agradacido por la oportunidad ensenar la gentes de
Guatemala. Yo se que el Libro de Mormon es las palabras de Dios. Yo se que familias son eterno y soy agradacido para mi familia y todos ellos ir para mi. Yo se que Jose Smith fue un profeta de Dios y el traducir el Libro de Mormon para nosotros. Por favor siempre orar y leer las escrituras diariamente. Es muy importante porque podemos recibir mucho bendiciones mediante estes cosas.

Well my time is up, but I love all of you so much and love hearing from you!  I am so excited!  I only have 2 weeks left until I am in the field.
Elder Reinhold

Earthquake, Tracting, Dogs, and Inspiration

Hey guys!

I am sure you heard about the terramoto (earthquake).  It was quite an experience.  Here in Guatemala City it was not too bad but it was weird.  We were just sitting in the lobby reading the Book of Mormon and all the sudden the ground felt like it was going in circles.  I was confused at first then I walked outside and the trees were swaying and cars were moving around.  It was not bad enough that I had to sit down.  It only lasted for about 30 seconds and then they started to evacuate us just in case.  Our building is okay.  Somebody told me that the church uses 4 times the rebar as the code mandates.  I don't know if it is true but we are fine and I got a good taste of Central America.  I
could actually pay attention to what was going on around me.  It was an eye-opening experience but the people that were killed were in my mission in the city of San Marcos.  I heard the damage there was pretty substantial. I am continually praying for the people in my mission who were effected.

We had our first day of tracting (knocking on doors) this week and I loved it!  It was a great experience. One thing that surprised me is how receptive people are to the gospel message.  They are truly an amazing people.  In 2 1/2 hours we gave 4 Books of Mormon and they have to be very interested to give them a Book of Mormon.  We had 4 good investigators and 8 referrals.  They just dropped us off in this area about the size of our neighborhood.  It was a small area and this was our first taste of how these people live.  We saw some people who were lucky to have a tin roof and some who do not have any cement and we are still in Guatemala City. It is actually very hard for me to think about how blessed I am because they have nothing.  I love these people already. And now I know what they were talking about on blogs when they said there are perros dogs everywhere.  It's true.  It is a bit weird and even the Latinos are scared of them so they make the gringos go first.

Anyway, we walked all the way down into this canyon and started taking to people.  You don't have to knock doors because most people don't have doors. So we started talking to some people and I realized it did not sound like Espanol so I look at my Latino companion and he says "?Intiendo Qui che?" and I said "No, no intiendo Espanol."  He said, "Do you understand Qui che?"  I said, "No, I don't even understand Spanish?"  How am I supposed to know Qui che when I can't even understand Spanish?  He was from Mexico so he did not speak it either.  So, we had to go back up to the city part of the town where there was Espanol. Let me just say Qui che looks and sounds so hard with how hard it is to learn Spanish. Qui che not being Latin based must be impossible but with the Lord nothing is impossible.  It was a great experience and I will never forget it. 

This week I had a very spiritual experience.  I have been looking for an answer to some things in my life and my teacher showed us this video that just hit me like a ton of bricks.  If you guys have a chance watch it.  It is about missionary work but it applies to all people and situations.  It's called something like Missionary Work and the Atonement or Through the Atonement.  One sister said it was on YouTube. It has Bednar and Holland speaking and it is so powerful.  Every recorded talk they have from the MTC is mind blowing.  This week it was Elder Holland about missionary work and he is just doing what Holland does.  The talk was given 4 hours after those missionaries died last year.  It was very sad.

Well time is up.
Love you guys and I will talk to you next week.

Elder Reinhold

Guatemala Earthquake

We received a report from our Bishop that thankfully all the missionaries in Guatemala are safe.  Our hearts go out to the people affected by the quake.

Hey Family!

How is everything going up there?  Can I just say that I would not mind living in this city.  It is incredible but we are in the Beverly Hills of Cuidad de Guatemala. Sooo until we go out that is my opinion. Speaking of that, Monday is my first day of proselyting.  We are going to go out and knock doors and walk on the streets by ourselves.  I am so excited even thought my Spanish is not the best. 

This week has been pretty uneventful.  This past week I have really been focusing on the gospel and trying to build my testimony. Every missionary wonders if they are being led by the Spirit so we watched this talk by President Bednar about recognizing the Spirit and he talked about how most of the time he does not feel the Spirit tell him things he is just worthy to receive it and the Lord knows he is obedient. 

He told a story about himself and President Packer I believe.  When Bednar was a missionary he was the AP and he received a call from President Packer saying that he needed to be picked up at the airport.  He said he picked President Packer up and dropped him off at a train station, gave him 20 franks and never thought about it again. Well, little did he know, years later after he was sustained a member of the 12, he would see President Packer again.  He said the first day he was in the temple for a meeting he asked, " President Packer, do you remember when I picked you up from the airport and took you to the train station?"  President Packer said, "Do you remember picking me up and taking me to the train station and giving me 20 franks?"  President Bednar said it sounded familiar.  Packer said that 20 franks saved our lives.  He said when they approached the Berlin Wall they were checking passports and Packer's wife had a passport extension which they did not believe was valid.  If you did not have a regular passport they would kick you off the train and put you in jail. The official checked it and said they had to get off.  President Packer was arguing with the man and he just so happened to feel the 20 franks in his pocket.  He took it out and put it in the passport and the guy took the passport to the back of the train.  He came back and said they were cleared.  When President Packer told told him this Bednar's jaw dropped.  He was blown away.  He did not receive a voice saying to give him 20 franks, he just was worthy and obedient.  When I saw this talk, I started to think of my MTC experience and I realized that that has happened to me at least 3 times.  Because of this, I feel much more qualified as a missionary.

I want you guys to know that I know that this Church is true and that I know that our Savior, Jesus Christ, knows and loves all of us.  I love you guys so much and I think about you often. If you have not read the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon, please do and pray about its truth and I know that you will recieve a witness through the Holy Ghost of its truth. If you don't have a Book of Mormon, ask my Mom and I am sure she will get you one. I love you guys.

Elder Jakob Reinhold

Not in Kansas Anymore...

Hey Fam!!!

Wow!  This week has been great. They are really strict on time on the computers, so I will see how much I can write. This week has been really fun. We got off the airplane and we all loaded up on this bus.  It was pretty beater.  I was really disappointed that we got in when it was dark, but we got to see some of the city.  This city is so big.  It is so cool because it is big but it is in the mountains.

Unfortunately, I had to switch comps, so I do miss Elder Mauter very much but my new comp is great.  He is from Firth, Idaho.  He is a farm boy.  You know what they say about them Idaho farm boys.  I always get put with the biggest companions.  Nobody knows why.  He is about my same size, so we are huge compared to some of the Latinos.  His name is Elder Suiter. Our room sleeps 6.  We have 4 Latino roommates and none of them speak any English.  Three are from Mexico and one is from North Guatemala -  right next to Tikal. 

The weather here is perfect all the time.  It is a beautiful city. It is a very dangerous city as well.  All day we hear sirens up and down the street.  So yesterday was our first day out of the CCM and it was interesting.  We were just walking to the temple which is like a half a block away but there is a gas station in between here and the temple.  We walked out of the gate and there was like a 1970s Toyota mini truck with around 4 guys in the back with machine guns.  We are like, "what the heck."  Then we turned the other way and there is some guy sitting in the gas station parking lot with a semi automatic shot gun.  We didn't know what was going on.  And the temple probably has 20 guards with guns around it at all times.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the night before everybody woke up to gunshots really close. 

This CCM is a lot more relaxed.  The CCM president lives in Draper, but it is across the freeway.  Good story.  Yesterday we were in the cafeteria and we were just eating when the chef brought out a little bowl with this sauce that looked like death.  He was saying it was really spicy and he had a toothpick and was putting dots of it on missionaries fingers so they could try it.  So I decided it was time for me to test my spicy tolerance.  I got a drop on my finger and wooooooooow!  This was like what the states dream of.  It was instant pain.  All the missionaries were rushing to the milk because that was the only way they could make it feel better.  So I drank maybe 3 cartons and could not get enough.  Some of the other missionaries drank so much they were out on the grass puking up all the milk.  Luckily, I was able to hold it down but my mouth was numb for like and hour. It was so hot! 

It is very interesting trying to talk to the natives because they talk so fast and they pronounce stuff differently.  Yesterday I had a chance to meet my mission president.  He and his wife were the nicest people I have met.  I am so excited to get in the field.  Whenever I tell missionaries that I'm serving in the Quetzaltenango mission, they tell me it is very hard but I am prepared for the worst...and the best.  It is so cool here.  The teachers are great.  The food is like 5 star.  I'm not even kidding.  I love it.  Everybody does.  They told us that once a week we will go on splits with missionaries from the Central Mission.  I am so excited to do that.  Also, in three weeks we get to go to the market in the city.  All the missionaries always come back with huge machetes with cool cases.  One thing that is cool is in this small MTC we have 4 Alta students.  We basically run the place. :)  Well love all of you!  Thank you for the support and I will have many more stories I'm sure.


Elder Reinhold

MTC PHOTOS & SCHEDULE October 24, 2012

The views from the Missionary Training Center and temple.

Their Classroom 

A Devotional

District Photos 

Elder Reinhold at the Infamous MTC World Map.

MTC Schedule

Arrived!! October 24, 2012

They gave us 10 minutes to write real quick to let our families know we arrived safely. It is great here.  The CCM is way more laid back than the Provo MTC so I am way excited. We are right by the temple.  It is so beautiful. The view out of our window is the temple and then a mountain behind it filled with jungle and fevelas. Its is so cool here. The temperature is perfect.  Now, it is similar to Utah. (He probably means before this mornings dusting of snow.)  I have seen some indigenous Indian people that have barely reached my belly button.  Some are very tiny.  The MTC is very nice.  It is way better than the Provo MTC.  The food is great.  The food we have had so far has been awesome.  It is a change to not be able to drink any of the water or brush your teeth in the sinks.  I am still amazed at how big the city was when we flew over it.  I just never realized what 12 million people looked like.  I love you guys so much and just wanted to thank you for getting me to this point.  The church here is amazing.  My p-days are on Saturdays so that's when you will receive another letter.
Elder Reinhold

(The view he describes is likely similar to the photo backdrop on his blog.)


Airport Phone Call! October 23, 2012

Hello family and friends,

Jakob is officially on his way to Guatemala City!  For those of you unfamiliar with this process, we only get to talk on the phone to our missionaries two times per year - on Mother's Day and at Christmas.  They don't take cell phones on missions as they are asked to "leave behind all personal affairs."  We bought a disposable phone and mailed it to him last night because often when missionaries are at the Salt Lake Airport and attempt to make calls home to their families, they are tied up by all the other missionaries.  These are not quick phone calls.

Jakob called us both from Salt Lake and during his layover in Texas. He sounded good. He will be in the Guatemala City MTC by 7 or 8 tonight.  I will write you some of the things he mentioned on the phone today:

First, it is worth mentioning that they made their phone calls after they went to Cafe Rio at the airport for their last meal in the US.  Good choice!  I am sure Jake had barbecued pork enchiladas smothered with green sauce.

He said there are 8 in his travel group going to Guatemala City and around forty total that will arrive with him today.  He sat by an LDS professor at the University of Utah on the way to Texas who spoke of the book he is writing about the connection between spiritual and physical health.  Jake said he took it as an opportunity to learn rather than to share.  These missionaries are all on fire!

He said that at the MTC this week they switched to 'winter rules' which means you have to wear your suit coat all day long.  He said, "I am so glad I am out of there!"  (In actuality, he loved it there.)  As far as what he will wear in Guatemala,  he won't be in a suit coat everyday.  He was only asked to bring one suit, 2 sweater vests, and 9 or 10 white shirts.  His mission has a lot of jungle areas so they were also asked to bring a pair of polishable boots.  We sent Jake with extra shoes because with 13 EE feet, there is no way he will find shoes in Guatemala.  They are hard enough to find here.  There is a rainy season where everything stays muddy.  He heard that he should buy his umbrella down there because it needs to be big....big enough to swat the stray dogs away.  Hmmm...

This is for those of you who know Jake well.  He's a shopper and has been confined to the MTC for 3 weeks.  He asked us to send 2 watches.  He loved the ones we sent, but bought another one in the MTC.  His comp said that he had a watch at home that they saw for sale there.  Because everything is at cost it was only $40 for a $200 watch.  He said, "I had to find something to spend my money on!"

He told us that he has gained some weight.  Except for 50 minutes of basketball each day, they are sitting most of the time.  He also mentioned that last night when he was packing he called down the hall to the other missionaries because he had so much food left he couldn't eat it by himself or take it with him.  Thanks to everyone who sent care packages!!  That weight will be drastically falling off soon.  Before he left he heard from a friend serving in Central America.  He had only been out a little over a month and was already down 25 lbs.  We talked about the mix of native food and American food that he will have at the Guatemalan MTC.  We thought it's a good idea to ease the missionaries in to a native diet and wondered if they introduce the parasites early as well. :)

He says he is struggling with the Spanish.  There are a couple of guys in his district who were really good with language and were picking it up easily and he is learning how to not compare himself.  So, then later I asked how his companion was doing with the language and he said that he is about at the same level as he is.  With all that said, they were told that their district was performing significantly above the average.  So, everything should be fine!  I have heard from so many people that somewhere around the 3 or 4 month mark, it will just happen.  It's apparently like a switch goes on.  It will be interesting to see if he experiences that.

When I asked what one of the hardest thing was about the MTC he said not having personal time.  He mentioned that he did have a rough weekend at one point where he was discouraged.  Mary Schmidt, if you read this blog, thank you for your advice and sense of humor.  He said, "I remember what Mary said about truck day."  This is the inevitable day when you wish you could get hit by a truck so you can go home without being a quitter.  Maybe he was experiencing bike day.  The day you get hit by a bike and just get to rest a little.  He is already benefiting from your words of wisdom, so thank you! :)

He said it was emotional saying goodbye to his trainer.  Apparently, the district had a lot of respect for him.  He had to come home early from his mission because of a disease of the spine where could only stand for 5 minutes at time without severe pain.  He taught them on his feet for 2 weeks before telling them how difficult it was for him.  He was a good example of pushing yourself beyond what you think you can do and of being committed to what you believe in.

He said that he is blown away by the hermanas (sister missionaries).  He said they outperform in every way.  He said, "The sisters are so much stronger.  They are incredible.  They are just solid!"  He said that as they were busy checking in at the airport one of these zealous sisters struck up a conversation with someone in line.  He said, "She was preaching mad gospel." :)  While the hunters were focused on getting through security, the gatherers were scouting around and multi-tasking.

This leads me to his comment about slang.  He said it is so hard to rid his vocab of certain words like "dude!"  It's especially a problem when addressing the sisters.  Okay, it could be a lot worse, but he is having to more formally address people and it is taking some getting used to.

I think that is all for now.  He sounded well.  I asked if he was nervous at all and he said he is just excited.  We anticipate we'll get an email that he has arrived safely, but might not hear from him until next week.

Thanks for all of your support!
Elder Reinhold's Mom

Leavin' the CCM!!! October 22, 2012

Hola familia y amigos.  ?Como esta ustedes?

That's about the extent of my Espanol.  Just kidding.  This week has been great but very sad at the same time. Let's start out with the great.  We were sitting in a computer lab doing TALL - one of the many computer labs in the MTC.  Luckily we were working diligently and the MTC president walks in with the ambassador from Spain.  He was not LDS, but was coming to see what the missionaries were about.  He was sent by 'the boss' in Spain. 
It was cool.  He asked us how long we have been at the MTC and was quite impressed with our Espanol for the amount of training we'd had.  He was a cool guy, but man did he sound different.  In Spain, they of course have their lisps, but he was swallowing his s's too.  It was weird.

This week we also had a meeting to give us a rundown of the Guatemala CCM.  It was cool.  It is going to be very different.  When we arrive tomorrow - which is weird to think I'm in Guatemala tomorrow - but, when we get there we will be assigned a latino elder.  We will essentially have two companions.  We will be with our gringo comp in the MTC and a latino comp out of the MTC.  This MTC is a bit different.  It has a max capacity of 112 missionaries. You do get to go on splits and once a week you go out into the city and to preach the gospel.  The food is a mix of native food and food from the States.  Almost all the missionaries that go there say that the food is better than at the Provo MTC.   The thing is, nobody speaks English so my emails are going to get a little weird.  Even sometimes right now I have to translate from Spanish to English or I can't remember the word in English. 

The bad news is that it is really sad that we are leaving our district.  We have the best district in the world.  I am going to miss them a ton.  Also, unfortunately the quality of mail and packages will get worse.  We have had a lot of great experiences here at the MTC but its time for us to go. They warned us that when we get there we are not in Provo anymore. You can't go and knock on any given door within a two mile radius and find members. They said to be careful when you are on the streets.  The temple is like a little over a block away so you have to walk through town to get there.  He said the Church is trying to buy that land but no one will sell it.

He did mention one huge advantage of the Guatemala MTC.  We don't have to do our own laundry.  Also, they have some sweet basketball courts and I'm gettin' ready to ball.  I am excited for the weather, too.  He said it stays about 65-75 all year.  I love it.  Well, I'm sure next week's email will be a lot different.  My emails here are sort of lame because there is not much going on in the MTC.  Well, I love everybody!!!  Keep it up.  The Church is true and Jesucristo lives.


Elder Reinhold

Adding a couple things from letters to Mom and Dad:

....You asked what I had to do as the district leader.  I was like a psycologist, example, fight breaker upper, and meeting conductor. My job was to show compassion to other missionaries.

....I just wanted to tell you that I will not trade your ties.  Skinny paisleys are the hottest thing on the market.  I'm serious.  I could probably get 6 or 7 decent ties for them each.

(I love the 'decent' ties comment!)

Letter in the Mailbox! October 18, 2012

From a letter today:

He started with 7 sentences in Spanish!
He wants us to send all of his ties now, because he can upgrade them through the MTC tie trading market.  If you know Jakob, you know he will and can.  He even asked for his dad's "old school" ties.  So if you have ridiculous ties and have a same day MTC delivery service and are inclined, you should send them to Jake ASAP.  I know he is dying that he doesn't have more to trade with!

He shared what he said was a funny experience.  They had a fireside and the speaker invited his son to come up.  He very obviously had Down Syndrome.   This man asked his son if he was going to go on a mission someday.  He answered, "Heck yes I'm going on a mission!"  Elder --- in his district leaned over to Jake and said, "Man, when I was 12 I remember being a lot more developed and mature."  Jake then told this Elder who was feeling quite good about himself that the speaker's son was Downs.  (Jake has a cute Downs cousin.  Hyatt, we hope you serve a mission someday, too!)  We send these boys across the world.  This is maybe why we pray so much!  He said it was a really funny moment.

He will be sending a package home soon with his SD card. That will be fun to get. Stay tuned!

There's a Bird in There! October 16, 2012

Hola Familia,

This week has been a hard one.  Man I never thought learning Spanish would be so hard, but it's ok.  We are making progress.  We have taught 5 lessons in Spanish now and we will just say there has been a lot of silence and a lot of my companion and I conversing in English, but we are working hard and we know that if we continue to work hard and pray for the Spirit that we will be fluent someday.
Its weird to think that we leave for Guatemala in 6 days!!!  Its scary, but good thing our travel leader is good in Spanish.  For our devotional last week we had the opportunity to hear from Elder David Bednar.  It was an incredible experience.  I sat about 30 Feet away from an Apostle of Christ.  Wow!  As soon as he walked in the spirit was incredible.
Our district is great.  I can't express how much love I have for all of them.  I was able to attach pictures this time.  The picture of all the Elders folding their arms is great.  That is most of our district.

The one with a lot of people in front of the temple with the hermanas (sisters) is our whole district.

The one with 4 elders in normal clothes, those were our first roommates.  They are now in the Dominican Republic MTC.  

(I am going to assume this is his companion, Elder Mauter from Arizona.)

(Elder Reinhold happily studying!)

This week I have had a couple funny stories.  One day we were sitting outside our residence halls on a picnic table waiting for the rest of our district.  As I was sitting there I heard something that was stuck in the rain gutter next to me.  When the rest of the Elders came out I said that I knew there was a bird in there.  They were all like, "Elder Reinhold, you're crazy."  I told them to go lift it up a couple of inches and see.  One Elder took me up on my offer.   He went over and lifted it up and sure enough a bird flew out.  They were all puzzled.  About an hour later one of the Elders asked me (as if it was bugging him) how I knew there was a bird in there.  I just told him that I was listening to the Spirit.  They still are puzzled.
Life here at the MTC is great but at the same time I am so excited to get to Guatemala.  WE LEAVE IN 6 DAYS!!!  WOW!  I have a lot of work to do.  Anyways, thank you so much for all the support and hope you enjoy the pictures.  Also, tell Kyler and Ashton to study Preach My Gospel.  Especially chapter 3 and 10 or just all of it.  I want you guys to know that I have learned a lot - not just Spanish. This has been one of the toughest and best times of my life.  It's easy to get discouraged but you just have to remember who is on your side.  Remember "many are called but few are chosen" and that the Lord qualifies those whom He calls.  I know that to be true.  Please read your scriptures daily and pray always.  It is so great.  Also watch Joseph Smith movie if you can it is incredible.  I know that the church is the true church of Jesus Christ.  I know that this work is aided by the Spirit and that we all have the opportunity to feel it. En el nombre de Jesucristo, amen. Love You All!!!
Elder Reinhold

Message from the blog editor also known as Jake's mom: I wanted to share an experience I had before traveling to a foreign country where I was hoping to care for a people I love.  I didn't have much time to learn and couldn't have language lessons everyday and when I did study, it wasn't sticking.  One day though, when I was studying it seemed effortless.  My mind was clear and I was retaining a lot more of it.  I was trying to figure out what the difference was, then I wondered if my tutor was praying for me.  He was a former missionary to Russia, a religious person, and very invested in my desire to learn at least some of this language as he had taught missionaries Russian in the MTC and it was an experience very dear to his heart.  Later that night at my lesson with him he said that he was in the temple that morning praying for me and trying to figure out the best way to teach me to speak some Russian. (That is when you know it is near hopeless, when your teacher starts praying!)  It never was that effortless again.  So it turns out that in my experience, the best way for someone to learn a language is when prayer is involved.  I can hear in Jake's letters that the language is his struggle.  Nine weeks to learn a foreign language is a lot to ask of anyone...and they are all feeling that pressure.  So, I am asking that you include these missionaries in your prayers.  Specifically please pray that they will be blessed to learn quickly.  That is all from me. 


Post Mail Letter Sent Oct. 12, 2012

October 12, 2012

Dear Familia,

Wow, sorry I have not sent letters very often.  Here at the MTC they have every minute of your day planned.  It is a lot of fun here, but it is very frustrating at the same time.  It is crazy for me to think as I am writing this letter that I have 11 days until I’m going to Guatemala.  I don’t even know what the word Espanol means.  It’s pretty scary.  For real though, the Spanish is so hard and they do not go easy on you.  We had to start teaching an investigator as soon as we got here.  Do you know how much Spanish I knew?  Zero!!!  Talk about awkward silences.

Our district had a rough start too because our teacher has been sick a lot and we had Confrencia General so I think we are a little behind.  All the Spanish speaking missionaries are always jealous of the English speaking missionaries because every time we get to speak in English we can feel the Spirit and we feel peaceful.

We had our last lesson with Aurora (our first investigator) last night.  We tried hard for her to accept baptism.  By the way, she is Catholic so when we invited her to be baptized she said she had already been baptized by the Catholic Church.  So, with my limited Spanish I offended her pretty good.  After she said she had already been baptized.  I looked at my companero and I knew I was not going to be able to say this nicely.  I said, “Iglesia de Catolic tiene no poder de Dios.”  That’s not good.  It means, “The Catholic Church does not have the power of God.”  Anyway, she got mad but luckily we were able to smooth that over.  After that, the lesson went pretty well.

Also, I wanted to talk about District Leaders.  In the MTC it doesn’t mean too much.  All I do is conduct meetings, get mail 2 times a day, interview senior companions, make temporary companion changes and be an example.  It has been good for me because it keeps me in line, because even here at the MTC there are temptations.  Like during TALL time, which is a computer program for learning the language, some missionaries just go on YouTube and watch Mormon Messages.  It is tempting.  You are allowed to, but they do it at the wrong times.  But I do listen to Come Thou Fount over and over on LDS.org.  (Jakob's favorite hymn: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPw7-QniaDQ) I really was blessed with an obedient district.

I have had some rough times though because often I don’t think I’m good enough.  I have learned that sometimes I go too hard on myself.  So, I just don’t pay attention anymore and I’m doing great.  My companion is great.  His name is Elder Mauter.  He is from Arizona.  He is swoll as they would say.  Swoll means buff/ripped.  He wrestled in school.  He is quiet, but he is a great Elder.    By the way, they have arm wrestling champs and there was an Elder that was the champ.  His name was Elder Moser.  Funny, huh?  But, he is about 5’2” or 5’3”, but last night Elder Mauter smoked him.

I can’t begin to explain to you what the residence halls are like after we are done for the days.  It is mayhem crazy.  Everyone has been in a really small classroom all day and they let it all out.  They set up tie marker and they are yelling and fighting but it is so funny!  We have an Elder in our district named Elder Barrett.  He is so funny.  He always lifts our spirits.

Our district is made up of 4 Elders going to Antofagasta Chile, 4 Elders going to Quetzaltenango, 2 Sisters going to Chile, and 2 Sisters going to Costa Rica.  We have so much fun.

Thanks so much for the package!!!  It was great.  (Package talk….)

I would love it if you sent me inspirational things and parts from that book, Mom.  Also, oh yeah, I didn’t tell you guys.  The first week we had Elder Bednar for my first speaker.  It was cool.  If you get the chance try to look up his talk named, “The Character of Christ.”  Oh my gosh.  It’s incredible.  It might be hard to find because it was given in the MTC on Christmas.  It is the coolest thing I have ever heard.  I am going to try to get it here.   (http://www2.byui.edu/Presentations/transcripts/religionsymposium/2003_01_25_bednar.htm I think this is it.  I already forwarded to him.)

Tell everyone I love them.  Tell Peeps I love him and I miss him.  Tell Keech to keep it up and stay strong.  And Mom and Dad…love you guys so much.  Thanks for everything.

Elder Reinhold