Arrived!! October 24, 2012

They gave us 10 minutes to write real quick to let our families know we arrived safely. It is great here.  The CCM is way more laid back than the Provo MTC so I am way excited. We are right by the temple.  It is so beautiful. The view out of our window is the temple and then a mountain behind it filled with jungle and fevelas. Its is so cool here. The temperature is perfect.  Now, it is similar to Utah. (He probably means before this mornings dusting of snow.)  I have seen some indigenous Indian people that have barely reached my belly button.  Some are very tiny.  The MTC is very nice.  It is way better than the Provo MTC.  The food is great.  The food we have had so far has been awesome.  It is a change to not be able to drink any of the water or brush your teeth in the sinks.  I am still amazed at how big the city was when we flew over it.  I just never realized what 12 million people looked like.  I love you guys so much and just wanted to thank you for getting me to this point.  The church here is amazing.  My p-days are on Saturdays so that's when you will receive another letter.
Elder Reinhold

(The view he describes is likely similar to the photo backdrop on his blog.)


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