Leavin' the CCM!!! October 22, 2012

Hola familia y amigos.  ?Como esta ustedes?

That's about the extent of my Espanol.  Just kidding.  This week has been great but very sad at the same time. Let's start out with the great.  We were sitting in a computer lab doing TALL - one of the many computer labs in the MTC.  Luckily we were working diligently and the MTC president walks in with the ambassador from Spain.  He was not LDS, but was coming to see what the missionaries were about.  He was sent by 'the boss' in Spain. 
It was cool.  He asked us how long we have been at the MTC and was quite impressed with our Espanol for the amount of training we'd had.  He was a cool guy, but man did he sound different.  In Spain, they of course have their lisps, but he was swallowing his s's too.  It was weird.

This week we also had a meeting to give us a rundown of the Guatemala CCM.  It was cool.  It is going to be very different.  When we arrive tomorrow - which is weird to think I'm in Guatemala tomorrow - but, when we get there we will be assigned a latino elder.  We will essentially have two companions.  We will be with our gringo comp in the MTC and a latino comp out of the MTC.  This MTC is a bit different.  It has a max capacity of 112 missionaries. You do get to go on splits and once a week you go out into the city and to preach the gospel.  The food is a mix of native food and food from the States.  Almost all the missionaries that go there say that the food is better than at the Provo MTC.   The thing is, nobody speaks English so my emails are going to get a little weird.  Even sometimes right now I have to translate from Spanish to English or I can't remember the word in English. 

The bad news is that it is really sad that we are leaving our district.  We have the best district in the world.  I am going to miss them a ton.  Also, unfortunately the quality of mail and packages will get worse.  We have had a lot of great experiences here at the MTC but its time for us to go. They warned us that when we get there we are not in Provo anymore. You can't go and knock on any given door within a two mile radius and find members. They said to be careful when you are on the streets.  The temple is like a little over a block away so you have to walk through town to get there.  He said the Church is trying to buy that land but no one will sell it.

He did mention one huge advantage of the Guatemala MTC.  We don't have to do our own laundry.  Also, they have some sweet basketball courts and I'm gettin' ready to ball.  I am excited for the weather, too.  He said it stays about 65-75 all year.  I love it.  Well, I'm sure next week's email will be a lot different.  My emails here are sort of lame because there is not much going on in the MTC.  Well, I love everybody!!!  Keep it up.  The Church is true and Jesucristo lives.


Elder Reinhold

Adding a couple things from letters to Mom and Dad:

....You asked what I had to do as the district leader.  I was like a psycologist, example, fight breaker upper, and meeting conductor. My job was to show compassion to other missionaries.

....I just wanted to tell you that I will not trade your ties.  Skinny paisleys are the hottest thing on the market.  I'm serious.  I could probably get 6 or 7 decent ties for them each.

(I love the 'decent' ties comment!)

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