First Email! October 9th

Hola Familia,
How is it going?  Wow this first week has been a real eye opener.  Sorry if my typing is bad.  They do not give us a lot of time to write so I am going as fast as I can.  Things here are crazy.  You are busy every second and every second has a purpose.  You are learning or studying, sleeping or eating.  My companero is Elder Mauter. He is from Gilbert Arizona and he is a great kid. He is a little quiet sometimes but he is warming up.  We get along very well although it is weird to be with someone all the time, but I know the Lord has His purpose.  The first day I entered the MTC we went straight to class and our teacher was there.  His name is Hermano Law.  He didn't speak any English the whole 3 hours.  All I was saying to myself was, "I hope none of that was important."  He continued to teach the lesson but I didn't get any of it.  After that day I was like, "What am I getting myself into?"  To add to all of that, they told us we were teaching our first lesson on Friday.  I was freaking out.  I don't know any Espanol.  Anyways,we went back to our room and saw our roommates.  They are really cool.  Their names are Elder Bell and Elder Jenkins.  They are headed for the Dominican Republic on Thursday, so we will miss them.   Anyways, so our first lesson came around and I didn't know how to say anything.  Let's just say we got butchered.  It was bad.  We didn't even knock, and she was yelling at us in I know what that's like!!!  We sat down and tried to get to know her.  It didn't really work.  I thought I was asking, "How many people do you have in your family?"  But I was asking, "How many we are in family?"  It didn't work out very well.  They didn't teach us how to testify or how to pray, so I did say my testimony and it went really well. After that, all the Elders in the district had the mutual feeling of depression mixed with motivation.  You feel so crappy because you can't verbalize your thoughts, and have motivation because you want to study to be able to verbalize your thoughts.  We all just wanted to cry.  By the way, this 'investigator' is our future teacher.  The investigators here are great.  I am convinced sometimes they are real.  We were teaching this Italian and I saw during the closing prayer he was praying like a Catholic. I was puzzled to say the least. What about General Confrencia?  Thought it was great.  Holland always blows my mind.  He is my new favorite speaker. Right now I don't know what to think about the language.  It is so hard but we are working hard to conquer it.  Yesterday we taught our second lesson to the same investigator whose name is Aurora. So we knocked this time - that was good, but we didn't start with a prayer. It's hard to remembers stuff when you are trying to speak Espanol.  She is going to read the Book of Mormon but she would not pray with us.  I am doing well and I really do love it here at the MTC.  We have a lot of fun.  I am grateful for the opportunity to be called as the district leader.  It is teaching me to lead by example and how to work extra hard.  Also if you can write me through because I get them 2 times a day and I get emails once a week. My box is 254. I really do love our district.  They are the best.  We have some way funny elders.  Love you guys and will talk to you next week.  Also when you send me a Dear Elder please include your address so I can write back.  Sorry about the typing:)  Love everyone.  The Gospel is true and stay strong.
Elder Reinhold

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