Not in Kansas Anymore...

Hey Fam!!!

Wow!  This week has been great. They are really strict on time on the computers, so I will see how much I can write. This week has been really fun. We got off the airplane and we all loaded up on this bus.  It was pretty beater.  I was really disappointed that we got in when it was dark, but we got to see some of the city.  This city is so big.  It is so cool because it is big but it is in the mountains.

Unfortunately, I had to switch comps, so I do miss Elder Mauter very much but my new comp is great.  He is from Firth, Idaho.  He is a farm boy.  You know what they say about them Idaho farm boys.  I always get put with the biggest companions.  Nobody knows why.  He is about my same size, so we are huge compared to some of the Latinos.  His name is Elder Suiter. Our room sleeps 6.  We have 4 Latino roommates and none of them speak any English.  Three are from Mexico and one is from North Guatemala -  right next to Tikal. 

The weather here is perfect all the time.  It is a beautiful city. It is a very dangerous city as well.  All day we hear sirens up and down the street.  So yesterday was our first day out of the CCM and it was interesting.  We were just walking to the temple which is like a half a block away but there is a gas station in between here and the temple.  We walked out of the gate and there was like a 1970s Toyota mini truck with around 4 guys in the back with machine guns.  We are like, "what the heck."  Then we turned the other way and there is some guy sitting in the gas station parking lot with a semi automatic shot gun.  We didn't know what was going on.  And the temple probably has 20 guards with guns around it at all times.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the night before everybody woke up to gunshots really close. 

This CCM is a lot more relaxed.  The CCM president lives in Draper, but it is across the freeway.  Good story.  Yesterday we were in the cafeteria and we were just eating when the chef brought out a little bowl with this sauce that looked like death.  He was saying it was really spicy and he had a toothpick and was putting dots of it on missionaries fingers so they could try it.  So I decided it was time for me to test my spicy tolerance.  I got a drop on my finger and wooooooooow!  This was like what the states dream of.  It was instant pain.  All the missionaries were rushing to the milk because that was the only way they could make it feel better.  So I drank maybe 3 cartons and could not get enough.  Some of the other missionaries drank so much they were out on the grass puking up all the milk.  Luckily, I was able to hold it down but my mouth was numb for like and hour. It was so hot! 

It is very interesting trying to talk to the natives because they talk so fast and they pronounce stuff differently.  Yesterday I had a chance to meet my mission president.  He and his wife were the nicest people I have met.  I am so excited to get in the field.  Whenever I tell missionaries that I'm serving in the Quetzaltenango mission, they tell me it is very hard but I am prepared for the worst...and the best.  It is so cool here.  The teachers are great.  The food is like 5 star.  I'm not even kidding.  I love it.  Everybody does.  They told us that once a week we will go on splits with missionaries from the Central Mission.  I am so excited to do that.  Also, in three weeks we get to go to the market in the city.  All the missionaries always come back with huge machetes with cool cases.  One thing that is cool is in this small MTC we have 4 Alta students.  We basically run the place. :)  Well love all of you!  Thank you for the support and I will have many more stories I'm sure.


Elder Reinhold

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