Spanish Accent, Elder C, and Families to Teach.

Hey family.  How goes it?  First of all let me apologize for not sending pics again.  Next week I promise I will send a bunch.  The reason is that the computers we are using right now always give me a virus so if I send pictures it destroys my SD card.  Next week I will go to another Internet place to write.  We did not have the opportunity to listen to the missionary broadcast, but I have heard all about it.  I don't know if much will change here.  If missionaries have iPads everybody will start robbing the missionaries.  That is the reason we do not carry a lot of money so they learn after time that we don't have a lot of money.  Also I pray for the family of the missionary who died in the Reu mission this week.  He was doing service when it happened.  What an example of a Christ-like servant of our Heavenly Father.  It's also a warning that as missionaries we need to be careful.  Sorry about writing one day late. My comp had to go to the capital to sign his passport and did not get back until this morning and also I was deathly sick yesterday so we decided to write today instead.
Well I have not commented on the Spanish in a while.  But really the Spanish is coming along great.  Most people think that I have a lot more time in the mission than I actually do. It's not my vocabulary that is great.  I lack a lot of the basic vocabulary, but I think it is my ability to talk fast and with a good accent.  The other day we went with the other missionaries to a lunch for the birthday of a less active member.  We sat and talked at the table for 45 minutes or and hour and by the time we were done we started to talk about the United States and he was shocked because he thought I was from Argentina the whole time.  I don't know if that is a compliment or not because people in Argentina have a really weird accent.  But,  I can convince anybody that I am from Mexico and they believe me.  I have an ability to pick up accents really fast.  For example, there is an Elder in Chiquilaja that is from the coast of Guatemala. I started to pick up his accent in like 2 weeks but they don't stick for too long. Elder C--, my past companion, would always say that my accent is like Northern Mexico which is interesting because that is the kind of Spanish I have heard my whole life.  I am not really struggling with the Spanish now. I feel pretty confident in all situations. 
This week was also a fulfilling week for me ever since Elder C-- had changes and is in a different area he has told a lot of people that he misses being my companion a lot. This week I went to the office and talked to Sister Fairbourne (the couple that works in the office) and she told me that she has been writing Elder C-- consistently and says that I really did change his life a ton.  She said, "Your biggest convert in the mission could be Elder C--."  Not only does it talk about that in my patriarchal blessing but also I feel at times that my purpose in the mission is to help other missionaries.  Lots come to me for advice and I help where I can.  I am grateful for the opportunity to have an effect in peoples lives and be an instrument in the Lord's hands.  I have a book that I have all my companions and all the people I get to know in the mission write in.  It's like a journal yearbook type thing.  When I read what Elder C-- wrote I was crying because I realized that I was trusted to help Elder C-- not only by the Lord but by the president of the mission.  I can tell that the stuff that I taught him and the principles I taught him really have sunk in because in our zone meeting he always quotes me saying, "Elder Reinhold always does this or he always said this."  And If you read this Elder C-- - love you man. 
Well now for the quote of the week.  I feel this one is appropriate because the NBA finals finished up this week. "I have missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I have lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times I have been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed.  I've failed over and over and over again in my life, and that's why I succeed." - Michael Jordan.  This is a great quote.  Love it.  Dad, remember Lebron is in the house and he has 2 titles.  Michael Jordan watch out. 

Well this week in Chiquilaja we also had some success.  There is a family from The States that is visiting their family who are members in our ward.  Not all of them speak Spanish so we are actually going to teach them in English which is going to be really weird. I am going to work with my comp so he can teach part of the lesson.  They are going to be here for 8 weeks.  We get to eat with them every Saturday.  One time I was asked by a family to offer the prayer for dinner in English it was actually kind of difficult.  I was stuttering and did not know what to say, so we will see how a lesson will go. 
The other week I mentioned that we found a really positive family that just dropped off the face of the earth.  Well we figured out why.  The lady who gave us the reference and was helping us with this family works in a bread shop.  The mom of the family that we were teaching came to the bread shop and asked the member that was helping us if she could have 10 quetzales of bread and she would pay her when she had the money.  Well she did not have the money so she was avoiding all of us.  Well the member that works in the bread shop was walking in the street and ran into the mom of the family.  The mom was very nervous and said I will pay for it soon, don't worry.  And the member said, "Your father paid for it," and the mom was thinking and asked, "How did my father pay for it?"  Then the member said your other father pointing to the heavens and that act of kindness come from a family of 9 that is living of an income of 33 quets a day.  They are struggling a lot.  It's like 4 dollars a day to feed 9 people and pay rent and everything.  We have helped this family as much as we can but it is hard to see.  So we are going to continue to teach this family.  This week we also found 2 people contacting that have never attended any church in their life.  That is a miracle down here.  I could not believe it for a while.  We are working hard and are finding people easily so we have hope for some baptisms here in the future.  Well, love you and always remember that you are in my prayers.  And reach out to someone who is in need.  Remember this family that is living off of 33 quets and always donating their clothes to people and always sharing the gospel.
Love you and talk to you next week.

Con amor,
Elder Reinhold
Notes from Mom: 
I am backing up the accent thing.  For a couple of months in high school he spoke most of the time in a Mexican accent.  This was mostly to try to bug us, but it was funny because he was really good at it!  It is getting put to good use.
Elder C,
Thank you for loving our boy, for making his birthday special, and for working together as a team.  We are all learning something or else this life would be pointless.  It sounds like President Bautista was inspired when he put you two together.  Best of luck for the remainder of your mission!
Sister Reinhold
(Elder Reinhold's Mom) 

Working hard to Spread the Gospel Message.

Hi Family!
Happy Fathers Day Dad. Love you so much! I could not have a better dad. Well family, this week was good.  We had interviews with President which is always good. He told me a quote that I really loved.  I can't remember who it was from but he said, "Leaders starve their problems and feed their opportunities."  Our mission president is truly inspired by God. Then that day we went to the mission home to receive a lesson and instruction from the president.  It was great.  He told us about when he received a new mission president when he had 7 months in the mission.  He said that his mission president said he knew he had great potential so he gave him the challenge to baptize 100 people and to never knock a door.  So he found interested people through talent nights and English classes and baptized 115 in his mission.  He is amazing.  

The quote for this week is, "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." -Albert Einstein. 
This week was kind of a bummer.  The other week we found a family that was great.  They seemed really ready and prepared, but they dropped off the face of the earth.  I am not just saying they were prepared because they are the only investigators we have right now. We have 15 progressing investigators but they were prime.  So we were bummed out about that but we are going again and won't let it keep us down.  When you see people that you know need the gospel of Jesus Christ and it could change their lives sometimes it is hard to see them go.  We are going to keep working hard and we will try to place some baptism dates.  Sorry about not having a lot of pics; my camera had a virus again.  I thought it was broken, but now it is fine.
Love you guys and keep it up.  Sorry I don't have anything really interesting to tell.
Love you guys.

Elder Reinhold

Reached our Investigator Goal....

Hey family! This week was actually really good. Sorry no photos this week. My camera has a virus and I can't take pictures but I am getting it fixed. We finally reached our goal of 16 progressing investigators. We found some really good people through references and through some contacting.

This week we went to a house and there was a lady who let us come in and we offered to do some service and she said you can say prayers for my mom. So we went in and saw her mom who was in the bed. Three days before which happened to be the day we contacted the door, her mom was chopped by a drunk guy with a machete. It is on her calf. She showed it to us. It was "wow!" that is all I can say. She asked for a blessing so we gave her a blessing and she started to tell us how she can not pay for the medicine so it does not get infected. She asked us if we could pay for it. Long story short, when I walked out of the house I had a feeling that we should not visit the house again. So we have stayed away from that.

The rain is coming down these days - every day from 3-5 and 6 or 7 to 9. But we have still been able to work when it is raining. They say a focused missionary doesn't miss home, he doesn't feel the heat, and doesn't care if it raining.

This week the quote is, "Poor people have a big TV. Rich people have a big library." -Jim Rohn. This is pretty self-explanatory. Study first and work hard then you can have a big TV. Well this week we are going to try really hard on getting some baptismal dates set in stone.

Well love you guys and congrats soon to be Elder Reinhold 2 - aka Ashton.

Elder Reinhold

New Companion and New Approach in Chiquilaja...

Hey!  This week has been great!  I gave birth in the mission.  That's how they say it in the mission when they want to know who you trained or who trained you.  "Do you have a kid in the mission? Or, "Who is your kid or your dad?"  My kid is Elder C-- from Nicaragua.  He just turned 18 last month.  He is a youngster, but he is great!  He is ready to work and we have a lot in common.  He is not afraid to make sacrifices.  For example, if it is just dumping water from the heavens and we have a cita, we will go.  He loves working with his hands so we have done a lot of service.  He is a bit quiet but he can teach well and we make a good team.  He is ready to be molded by the Lord and is willing to learn from anything he can.  Remember, that is all that Moses had.  

Last night was great.  It was raining all night but we contacted all night and people kind of respected us for being out in the rain.  We taught 5 lessons and picked up some positive investigators.  Also, last night while we were contacting I had the thought that I am sick of beating around the bush all the time.  That is how everybody does missionary work.  But like it says, "Declare repentance."  That does not sound like beating around the bush...or where it says to declare the word with boldness and we have the promise that the Spirit will help us.  So last night I whipped out the baptismal invite on a the doorstep a couple of times.  I said, "We are here to bring you to Christ if you feel good about our message and if you know that is the church of Jesus Christ.  Will you be baptized by someone with the authority of God?"  It was successful for weeding out the people who will listen but never act.  People were willing to listen because we had the Spirit.  Elder C-- and I teach great as a team.  We are going to do work here in Chiquilaja.  I am really excited!  We are being perfectly obedient and with that comes promises.  We have basically cleaned our slate of investigators and we are starting again, so it might take a sec to get it going, but I am excited.  

Well, this week we went up to this little shack on top of this hill and we talked to a lady and she said she had had visits from the missionaries before but then they just disappeared.  She was mad at first.  She said all they wanted to do was take photos and leave.  But I was a bit bold with her and did invite her to baptism.  I cannot tell you how tired I am of beating around the bush in the mission.  We are not going to do it anymore.  

The quote for the week is one that I have said many times to my brother, Kyler, for years, but I didn't know it was a quote.  I found it, so this one is for you Kyler.  "Whether you think you can or can't, you are right." -Henry Ford.  Well, this is about attitude. How are you ever going to know you can't do it if you don't try it?  But that means you have to try it with all your strength and will.  

Well, love you guys and I will talk to you guys next week.  I am excited to see where Ashton goes on his mission!
Con amor,
Elder Reinhold