Reached our Investigator Goal....

Hey family! This week was actually really good. Sorry no photos this week. My camera has a virus and I can't take pictures but I am getting it fixed. We finally reached our goal of 16 progressing investigators. We found some really good people through references and through some contacting.

This week we went to a house and there was a lady who let us come in and we offered to do some service and she said you can say prayers for my mom. So we went in and saw her mom who was in the bed. Three days before which happened to be the day we contacted the door, her mom was chopped by a drunk guy with a machete. It is on her calf. She showed it to us. It was "wow!" that is all I can say. She asked for a blessing so we gave her a blessing and she started to tell us how she can not pay for the medicine so it does not get infected. She asked us if we could pay for it. Long story short, when I walked out of the house I had a feeling that we should not visit the house again. So we have stayed away from that.

The rain is coming down these days - every day from 3-5 and 6 or 7 to 9. But we have still been able to work when it is raining. They say a focused missionary doesn't miss home, he doesn't feel the heat, and doesn't care if it raining.

This week the quote is, "Poor people have a big TV. Rich people have a big library." -Jim Rohn. This is pretty self-explanatory. Study first and work hard then you can have a big TV. Well this week we are going to try really hard on getting some baptismal dates set in stone.

Well love you guys and congrats soon to be Elder Reinhold 2 - aka Ashton.

Elder Reinhold

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