New Companion and New Approach in Chiquilaja...

Hey!  This week has been great!  I gave birth in the mission.  That's how they say it in the mission when they want to know who you trained or who trained you.  "Do you have a kid in the mission? Or, "Who is your kid or your dad?"  My kid is Elder C-- from Nicaragua.  He just turned 18 last month.  He is a youngster, but he is great!  He is ready to work and we have a lot in common.  He is not afraid to make sacrifices.  For example, if it is just dumping water from the heavens and we have a cita, we will go.  He loves working with his hands so we have done a lot of service.  He is a bit quiet but he can teach well and we make a good team.  He is ready to be molded by the Lord and is willing to learn from anything he can.  Remember, that is all that Moses had.  

Last night was great.  It was raining all night but we contacted all night and people kind of respected us for being out in the rain.  We taught 5 lessons and picked up some positive investigators.  Also, last night while we were contacting I had the thought that I am sick of beating around the bush all the time.  That is how everybody does missionary work.  But like it says, "Declare repentance."  That does not sound like beating around the bush...or where it says to declare the word with boldness and we have the promise that the Spirit will help us.  So last night I whipped out the baptismal invite on a the doorstep a couple of times.  I said, "We are here to bring you to Christ if you feel good about our message and if you know that is the church of Jesus Christ.  Will you be baptized by someone with the authority of God?"  It was successful for weeding out the people who will listen but never act.  People were willing to listen because we had the Spirit.  Elder C-- and I teach great as a team.  We are going to do work here in Chiquilaja.  I am really excited!  We are being perfectly obedient and with that comes promises.  We have basically cleaned our slate of investigators and we are starting again, so it might take a sec to get it going, but I am excited.  

Well, this week we went up to this little shack on top of this hill and we talked to a lady and she said she had had visits from the missionaries before but then they just disappeared.  She was mad at first.  She said all they wanted to do was take photos and leave.  But I was a bit bold with her and did invite her to baptism.  I cannot tell you how tired I am of beating around the bush in the mission.  We are not going to do it anymore.  

The quote for the week is one that I have said many times to my brother, Kyler, for years, but I didn't know it was a quote.  I found it, so this one is for you Kyler.  "Whether you think you can or can't, you are right." -Henry Ford.  Well, this is about attitude. How are you ever going to know you can't do it if you don't try it?  But that means you have to try it with all your strength and will.  

Well, love you guys and I will talk to you guys next week.  I am excited to see where Ashton goes on his mission!
Con amor,
Elder Reinhold

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