Trainer Training and Companion Saying Goodbye...

Hey fam,

Well this week was kind of just getting ready for a new missionary. I had the trainers training meeting.  That was a great experience. The assistants and the president addressed us.  It was great. President talked about if you want to change your situation in the mission in life with your comps... do it.  You don't have to wait to have somebody else act upon you for you to act. The assistants talked about what effect the trainer has on the new missionary. It was really good. 

The past couple of days we have just been visiting members for my comp to say goodbye, but yes don't worry we are working for references as we do it. I would not waste that much time. We got word that this next group coming in has a lot of gringos. Who knows I might get a gringo.  Then I will learn fast if you know what I mean... Also about half of the group coming in are sisters.  They are taking over the missions. That's not a bad thing. 

Well, this week the rain has really started to come down and now I know why it is the land of the eternal spring. Well, I will keep you guys updated. The quote today is... 
"When fleeing 
the scene of temptation, do not leave a forwarding address." 
- Jeffrey R Holland 

"Every saint has a past and 
every sinner has a future." 
- Oscar Wilde
Those are two that I like. Just let them sink in.  Well, I will have more to talk about next week. 
Love everybody.

Elder Reinhold  

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