Well, What Do I Even Talk About???

September 29,2014

Well what do I even talk about??? I just don't really have much to say because... you know I will be home in about 2 weeks. Crazy. It still hasn't hit me. The time is still flying by. I still don't even think I am going home. It always has to be other people that remind me. Everytime we arrive to an appointment or go visit a member they are just bugging me "ooooohhh how much time do you have left?" Sometimes they don't help...but the truth is we are doing pretty good. 

This week was a bit sad for us and for a lot of the members here. This week one of the long time San Juan members, the one that was sick that payed her tithing to us, passed away on Wednesday. It was a really humbling experience as I gave her the last blessing she received in this world. We then had to help with everything for her funeral because the elders here in San Juan basically do everything for the lack of members and support. Including this week, we had to both talk in sacrament meeting and count tithing. Well we are really trying to come up with a plan for San Juan so we can have real growth and not just baptisms. This week it really came out into the light that nobody, even the leaders here, know the doctrine of the church. so we talked about maybe putting a branch of institute here in San Juan so that the people would really open up the scriptures. Evidence of the lack of reading and doctrinal knowledge is the baptism when the member of 30 years who goes to the temple many times a week, didn't know how to baptize, didn't even know that we had to start with a prayer or when a sister of 25 years asked the sisters why do they always give their baptisms to the elders. Why don't the sisters baptize them??? are you kidding me??? Well I really do love San Juan and that's why I care. The people here are so humble and have a ton of faith they just can't leave what the world offers. It's sad. 

This week we found a really cool investigator named A--.  He just got back from the United States after being there 16 years. We found him at the funeral of sister Soledad. It was so weird because he has seen movies about the church that normally only members have seen, like Charly, Gods Army and a bunch of others. He said that he has lots of friends that are members and wants to get to know the church with his whole family. He is a really genuine guy.He is cool. The Lord always has prepared people for the missionaries. Sometimes it's the missionaries or the members that aren't prepared to do the work of salvation. Well my 2 years are coming to an end but I am so thankful for the opportunity that my family and the Lord gave to me to serve my Guatemalan brothers. Talk to you next week.

Elder Reinhold

Potato Farming...and Corn Seed Protests...

September 22, 2014

Well this week was....... OK.  
Calla lilies grow in the wild.  They were all over the place.

First of all, let's just say we had to stay in the house for 2 entire days for protesting in Guatemala. It's because the government wants to change the corn seed that they use but everyone is against it. So here in san Juan they blocked all of the exits and closed all of the stores and everything. They are actually pretty violent and for that reason we didn't leave our house for those days but we lived. Sad to say that they are going to start tomorrow again. So we bought a bunch of water and food for the next couple of days. They told us that these same protest went on for 20 days in Peru so we are going to see how it goes. Other than that we had a pretty normal week. I really don't have much to say other than I love you guys so much and can't wait to see you.

Elder Reinhold

Pointing at the work we did today.  Pretty sure it isn't how they do it in Idaho!

There is Always Next Week....

September 15, 2014

Well this week was really uneventful.  My comp and I had to go to Xela almost every day of this week and then for Independance day they told us that we have to be in the house at 6:00 for all of the parties.  So needless to say it was a really uneventful week. Here in San Juan there are just hundreds of drunk people all over. 

Really this week was a pretty awful week here in San Juan.  Let's just say that in church we started 45 minutes late, we had an assistance of 35 and some members got in a fight and a family said that they are never going to church again. There is a part of me that wanted to tell them, "Fine, because Christ isn't looking for half-disciples.  He has plenty of those, better if you just leave." hahaha  I just had to vent and get a bit of frustration out. It was a rough week.

I can't believe that in a month from now I will be in Utah. I really have mixed feelings. I miss you guys a ton and want to see you, but at the same time I love the mission and will miss the people of Guatemala - my second home. Love you guys.

Elder Reinhold

My First and Last Gringo Comp!

These are the last four missionaries of my group. The "final four."
September 8, 2014

Hey Family,
Well this week was good.
Saying goodbye to my comp - Elder Ruiz.
Guess what!  I have my first and last Gringo comp. His name is Elder C--.  He is from Logan... We get along really well.  Let's just say he has a little bit of redneck country in him, but not too much... just like me. 

Well, I kind of spent all my time answering questions about my first days back....soooo.... I love you guys and all is swell here in San Juan Ostuncalco.

Elder Reinhold

Working in the fields with a member.

Good-bye Comp! Hello Last Comp!

September 1, 2014

Well Family how has it been? Everything is just great here in the Mainland of the Lamanites. Sometimes we meet members from the coast here and they always ask us "How do you feel to work with the purest Lamanites left?' Its pretty cool I guess. I wouldn't trade it for anything........ in spite of a messed up leg. hahahaha

Well this week was good and good. Well first off my comp finishes his mission tomorrow so this week was a lot of good byes and preparing to go home, but we still worked and were able to even have a baptism. Huh, funny story... well for the baptism we decided it would be better to have someone from San Juan baptize L--. What we didn't account for was the lack of experience that the members have here. So we asked brother J-- to baptize him. J-- has been a member for 25 years and his dad was the ex branch president. He even goes to the temple one time a week every week for the whole day. We thought it would be a breeze. Well it was time for the baptism to start so we told them
to change into their white clothes for the baptism.  My comp and I sat back down in the room where we were waiting to start. It took a while, so we decided to go check on them. When we turned the corner they were both already in the baptismal font.  So, I looked at my comp and I was like, "You have got to tell them that we need to start with a hymn and a prayed and talks and everything." I was just laughing so hard. Then it got to the baptism part, which couldn't have gone any worse.  I will just say a little bit and then let you imagine the rest. Well let's just say he plugged his nose with his left hand. (How? I have no idea.) He took about 3 steps back and it was just a miracle that his head didn't crack open on the wall. I don't know if it actually made contact with the wall but I also didn't have the guts to ask. Well now that that was all over.....the rest of the week was pretty good.

We will see who the poor elder is that has to kill me. (They say that when a missionary goes home.) Well thank you for everything that you guys do for me. See you soon.

Elder Reinhold

Quickest Post Yet!

August 25, 2014

Well family we are in a hurry today and I really just don't have anything to write, but everything is good and will have some pics next week and will for sure write a bit. I love all of you guys. Thank you so much for the support.

Elder Reinhold

Motivating the Zone....

We made lasagna with a family.  It was my first time and it
actually was really good.  The family gave an 8.75 rating.

August 18, 2014

Wow even though I am on the downhill, the weeks are just flying by.  Every time I snap into consciousness it's Monday again... for that reason it has been a little bit difficult to compile the necessary material for my weekly letters. hahaha But this week was just as unconscious as the others. 

Bags of beans from a US help organization.
I think it is the US government.
They send them so the people can
plant beans and have better nutrition.
This week the zone had really good dats. I would have to credit it to the zone meeting that we had a couple of weeks ago. On multiple occasions this week we asked why are your dats so good or how did you find so many news? The response was, "Well we made a covenant with the Lord." Sooo... that is what I wanted to hear.

I was really impacted by a quote that I heard last week which has helped me to change my style of leadership. "There is no place in your teaching for gimmicks, fads, or bribery by favors or treats. Such produce no lasting motivation for personal growth nor any enduring beneficial results." Richard G. Scott  That quote really had me thinking this week on how are you supposed to motivate a wild group of missionaries. That is why we started the plan of Alma 46 and the covenants because that is something that truly promotes personal growth it has helped me a lot. It is really a hard subject to figure out but that is the fun of it.

My comp's countdown until he goes home.  Really doesn't help me, but de plano.
My comp only has two weeks left so right now so we look like an aircraft carrier towing a broken down ship destroyer, but  its good practice for future callings hahahahaha. Well I have to go. Thank you for all the support and see you soon!!!

Elder Reinhold

This is a typical food that we eat when we go to the aldeas. 
Herbs.  It is basically weeds. Yes, it tastes just like you think it tastes.
It isn't what we are used to. 

My comp was not super excited to eat it like always, but posed for a good fakie.