Motivating the Zone....

We made lasagna with a family.  It was my first time and it
actually was really good.  The family gave an 8.75 rating.

August 18, 2014

Wow even though I am on the downhill, the weeks are just flying by.  Every time I snap into consciousness it's Monday again... for that reason it has been a little bit difficult to compile the necessary material for my weekly letters. hahaha But this week was just as unconscious as the others. 

Bags of beans from a US help organization.
I think it is the US government.
They send them so the people can
plant beans and have better nutrition.
This week the zone had really good dats. I would have to credit it to the zone meeting that we had a couple of weeks ago. On multiple occasions this week we asked why are your dats so good or how did you find so many news? The response was, "Well we made a covenant with the Lord." Sooo... that is what I wanted to hear.

I was really impacted by a quote that I heard last week which has helped me to change my style of leadership. "There is no place in your teaching for gimmicks, fads, or bribery by favors or treats. Such produce no lasting motivation for personal growth nor any enduring beneficial results." Richard G. Scott  That quote really had me thinking this week on how are you supposed to motivate a wild group of missionaries. That is why we started the plan of Alma 46 and the covenants because that is something that truly promotes personal growth it has helped me a lot. It is really a hard subject to figure out but that is the fun of it.

My comp's countdown until he goes home.  Really doesn't help me, but de plano.
My comp only has two weeks left so right now so we look like an aircraft carrier towing a broken down ship destroyer, but  its good practice for future callings hahahahaha. Well I have to go. Thank you for all the support and see you soon!!!

Elder Reinhold

This is a typical food that we eat when we go to the aldeas. 
Herbs.  It is basically weeds. Yes, it tastes just like you think it tastes.
It isn't what we are used to. 

My comp was not super excited to eat it like always, but posed for a good fakie.

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