Letter in the Mailbox! October 18, 2012

From a letter today:

He started with 7 sentences in Spanish!
He wants us to send all of his ties now, because he can upgrade them through the MTC tie trading market.  If you know Jakob, you know he will and can.  He even asked for his dad's "old school" ties.  So if you have ridiculous ties and have a same day MTC delivery service and are inclined, you should send them to Jake ASAP.  I know he is dying that he doesn't have more to trade with!

He shared what he said was a funny experience.  They had a fireside and the speaker invited his son to come up.  He very obviously had Down Syndrome.   This man asked his son if he was going to go on a mission someday.  He answered, "Heck yes I'm going on a mission!"  Elder --- in his district leaned over to Jake and said, "Man, when I was 12 I remember being a lot more developed and mature."  Jake then told this Elder who was feeling quite good about himself that the speaker's son was Downs.  (Jake has a cute Downs cousin.  Hyatt, we hope you serve a mission someday, too!)  We send these boys across the world.  This is maybe why we pray so much!  He said it was a really funny moment.

He will be sending a package home soon with his SD card. That will be fun to get. Stay tuned!

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