Hola Familia,

Como esta ustedes? Everything here is good.  Thank you so much for the letters everyone.  They are really so great to read and also it is great to hear what is going on in the States.  Thank you Mosers for the packages and the letters!  I wrote a letter in Provo but I never had a chance to send it, so thank you very much.  Dad, to answer your question, no I have not received the first package yet but I will let you know.  Also when you get a chance, maybe for my Christmas package, can you send me a new mp3 player?  Mine got stolen by these little kids who come every three weeks and clean our rooms. I pray every night that they may feel Gods love for them and that they may feel the Spirit with the music that was on it.

Well I really do love it here.  I could see myself living down here.  I have lost about 10 pounds and I don't know how.  I have not even left the CCM.  Anyway, this week we had the opportunity to do our bus tour.  It was great!  We went to a market and then we went to a really modern mall.  The mall was so nice it was like an indoor version of City Creek but like 4 times the size.  I had my first meal from outside the CCM.  I had to pick McDonald's just because I had to live up to the American reputation.  They had some really cool stores but it was expensive.  We were not able to see some of the stuff in the city because they said that there was some riots going on.  I wonder what it is about?  It was really fun!  We were out on our own. I learned a lot!  First of all, that I need to work on my numbers in Spanish because I had no idea how much people were saying things cost. I can't wait to get in the field because we can go preach the gospel and not have to report back to the CCM.

Last night I had the opportunity to stay a night in the hospital with one of my district members who was passing a kidney stone.  We were taking shifts to go and stay with him.  It was good because I had the chance to do a lot of reading, but it was really hot and boring because he was asleep the whole time and I had nobody to talk to. He is doing fine and is back at the CCM now.

My Spanish is coming along.  It is just a very long process.  I am to the point where I can understand almost all of it, but I can not speak it very well.  I have a gift for hearing it, but I need help speaking.  I am not behind in my group.  I am just not excelling.

Yo quiero ustedes saber que yo se que soy agradacido por la oportunidad ensenar la gentes de
Guatemala. Yo se que el Libro de Mormon es las palabras de Dios. Yo se que familias son eterno y soy agradacido para mi familia y todos ellos ir para mi. Yo se que Jose Smith fue un profeta de Dios y el traducir el Libro de Mormon para nosotros. Por favor siempre orar y leer las escrituras diariamente. Es muy importante porque podemos recibir mucho bendiciones mediante estes cosas.

Well my time is up, but I love all of you so much and love hearing from you!  I am so excited!  I only have 2 weeks left until I am in the field.
Elder Reinhold

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