Last minute business....

Hola familia!
We get to email today because we might not get to the first week in the field. Well, it has been pretty uneventful since Saturday, so this letter will be more informal. This week has been good but kind of hard. I don't know if I told you but I hurt my hip the 2nd week in the CCM and it took about 5 or 6 weeks to be able to play sports again.  Dont worry.  We have an incredible doctor here.  He is the doctor for all of Central America, but it hurt really bad. Anyways, this week I was doing well and now my thigh muscle is swollen right above the knee and in the middle of the thigh and I am having trouble walking. It is a little scary because I go into the field tomorrow.   I am sure I will be just fine because it says so in my patriarchal blessing. The doctor said it was like a muscle contraction but I don't know why it is happening. Well keep me in your prayers...but I am fine. Worst comes to worst, I have to hobble around for a couple of days. Maybe this is my humbling experience. This is funny. Now that I have learned more and more about the gospel, the more I realize that I have not had my trial yet and that I am due just like the stories in the Book of Mormon.  They were always needing to be humbled, so wish me luck. Just kidding.

I have not recieved any of the packages here except for the postcard that Mom sent from New York. A couple of things that will help when you send it is make sure that it has stickers on it and make sure it says Elder.  If it does not say Elder they wait until you come pick it up and I can't. Also Dad, sorry. Here in the CCM they are very strict about email and there's no sending pictures.  I forgot to tell you on Saturday.   Also those charges on my card were correct. I withdrew 300 quetzales 2 times because I only have dollars, but once I get in the field I will be fine.

All I hear is good about my mission. All the people from Guatemala say that it is the best mission in the world and they are serious. Some of them prayed that they would go there. People say that it is cold, so dad I am glad I threw in that sweatshirt the night before I left because I use it here every morning. It is like 40 or 50 degrees in the mornings and I still have 3000 feet to go. Because my companion is going to the North Mission, I got a new companion today. His name is Elder S--.  He is from Yucatan Penninsula. I don't know if you remember when we went to Ek Balam to those ruins, but he lives about 30 minutes from there.

Well anyways, time is up. Love you guys so much! The church is true and tell Ethan to learn Spanish because he could learn it easily with his blood and his memory. Just kidding! :) I'm sure that's what he wants to do.
Love you all and don't worry about my leg. It's fine.
Elder Reinhold

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