Baptism and New Companion.

Baptism of J--D--.
Well sorry about last week and not writing. It was a little bit crazy. My comp had emergency changes so we woke up super early to go to Xela for his changes. The ward is starting to get a little suspicious of what I am doing to my comps because they come and go really fast. I just tell them that they can't handle the heat. Kidding... Well that means I have a new companion. His name is Elder P-- from Honduras. He is a old guy in the mission he is going to finish his mission in 3 weeks that means I will kill him AKA kick him out of the mission. So it will be interesting to see my comp go home. I curse my companions. I have had 4 comps go home early.
Our Chapel in Calvario.

Well last week and this week were pretty good because we had a baptism. J-- D-- got baptized.  It was great.  The baptism was a little bit unorganized but it all worked out fine in the end. He really is a great person and will be a great asset to the Lord if he continues staying strong in the gospel. This week was a little bit hard.  A lot of our appointments fell through but we powered through and are hoping that this week will be a bit better. But that is the life of the missionary.  Every week is different and some weeks you have tons of people to teach and some you feel like you have nobody. But here we are working hard.
The quote for this week is "In our time the only restraint left is self restraint." -Jeffrey R. Holland.  Who would have thought it was from my boy Jeffrey? This is a great quote.
Parents stop trying to keep your kids out of bad stuff IT DOES NOT WORK. It is all around them. You need to teach them to keep themselves out of that stuff because even if you try to keep them away from drugs, alcohol and pornography they will confront it someday.  Like the quote says there are no restraints in the world today. Before in the olden days you had to search for bad stuff you had to go buy pornography but now you cannot completely avoid it. Like Joseph smith taught teach correct principles and then they govern themselves. Well that is enough for today.  Love all of you guys and wish you the best.

Elder Reinhold

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