ONE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so sad. I can't believe I am on the downside of the mission.  I want to extend an extra year.  Well this week was good.  It was a little bit interesting.  Just as we thought we were going to slip past the changes, just one day after we got a call saying that my comp had emergency changes. So Thursday in the morning we packed everything up and headed to Xela. When we arrived to the office to have interviews with the president he told me my new comp was going to be Elder Dos Santos. And yes, this is the Elder Dos Santos that I spent 4 and a half months with in Chiquilaja. I was very surprised to find out we would be companions again. We make a good match and I think that we will do some good work here in Calvario.  It turned out he had been having some issues with his last area so President wanted to change him.  Right now we are doing great. We are going to baptize a ton.  We have lots of really positive people and we are working hard and being obedient.  Right now we have 2 Baptisms.  One this Saturday, which is the baptism of J-- D--. And on the 19th we have the baptism of G--.  We also have some other people that we are going to put dates with.  This week president is coming to work with us for a night.  Talk about pressure to put good citas.  No, I am just kidding.  We are just thinking about the people that he can help with his knowledge and authority.  I am excited to work with him for the first time in my mission

Talk about general conference.  It was great. There were a couple that stood out to me. President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Doubt your Doubt. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, Mentally Challenged. President Thomas S. Monson when he visits his friend and David A. Bednar about Tithing. There was a few others that really impacted me but those were the best ones, I thought.  I was very happy though because we were able to watch it in English so we were able to really feel the emotion.  Also, one talk that I have listened to various times this week that I highly recommend that you take 15 minutes to be spiritually edified by. It is the talk, Safety for the Soul, by Jeffrey R. Holland.  It is an incredible talk. The Quote of the week is "Life would be simpler for all of us if we would obey such rules completely. Many of us, however, learn through experience the wisdom of being obedient." Thomas S. Monson. This is pretty self explanatory.  I love every one of you so much and am so grateful for the support I have received in my time in the mission.  I will talk to you guys in a couple of months.... Well these days I never have to much time on the computer. See ya'!

Elder Reinhold

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