Happy Baptism Day. Sad to Say Goodbye.

Three baptisms this week!

March 17, 2014

This week our zone ate at a restaurant all together.
Hey family...

This week was great but I am a little bit sad as well. This week we baptized three amazing, prepared people of the Lord. All went just as planned.  It was a truly amazing experience especially to watch Brother M-- change his life. M-- is from a very famous family here in Xela. They were the owners of half of Xela.   They are very wealthy.  He has been a drug addict and an alcoholic all of his life. He has only worked 2 years of his whole life and he is about 45 years old. He was left such huge amount of money and land that when he needs money he just sells part of his inheritance. This week he gave his testimony in sacrament meeting and I felt the spirit so strong. He told about how he always felt a gap in his life no matter how much money or materialistic things that he had and that it took his brother killing his dad for his money to whip him into shape and have the desire to change his life. He is truly a great person and I know he will have great callings in the church. That was the great part of this last week.

Building with a rock slide.
The bad part is that tomorrow I have changes. I have no idea where I am going!!!! They did tell me that I will still be a zone leader. I am sad because just as the zone is really starting to get better they drop this on me, but the Lord needs me in a different spot right now. I am so thankful to be in the mission and would not trade it for anything. I will keep working hard all the way until the end.

Con amor, 
Elder Reinhold

P.S.  A comical text while the missionaries were on divisions.  It translates something like, "Please hide my usb that is on the table by my bed and please don't tell Reinhold."  

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