Loving Chiquilaja.

Hey family! How is life up there in the heavens? No, just kidding. I love it down here! I will start off really quick with the quote of the week. "The straight and narrow path, though clearly marked, is a path, not a freeway nor an escalator. Indeed, there are times when the the only way the straight and narrow path can be followed is on ones knees." -Neal A. Maxwell.   I love this quote because before the mission, my first option was not to get on my knees and to wrestle with God in prayer like it says in Nephi. But on your mission, your first support is the power you have when you are on your knees...and its kind of funny because right now kneeling down is not really an option for me, but you know what I mean. The power of prayer is often so underestimated. I didn't realize that until I was a missionary.

This week my leg has been doing well. It is not going downhill, so I think it just needs time - lots of time. This week we got settled into the ward a little bit and we picked up some good investigators. We have 5 progressing investigators and 3 of them are really positive. We found an older couple named Maria and Juan. Yes, I know. Classic names huh? But their granddaughter just got baptized so we met them at the baptism. We went to teach them the first lesson and we got to the part where we were explaining how to pray so they can receive an answer, and Maria asked, "Is this the prayer I need to do?" I got the impression that she wanted to say a memorized prayer like a lot of the other churches. Then she said, "Hold on. I have a prayer in my room." She brought back a pamphlet that was tattered and used and dirty. It was a missionary pamphlet from our church that she had been using to pray for the last 25 years! She said that she never misses a morning prayer. I thought I was holding an artifact. It was cool. They were very interested. Normally we have to explain the things like 2 or 3 times because I think they don't understand clearly. They are very simple people and Spanish is their 2nd language. They both speak Quiche.

Also, we have an investigator from El Salvador. She is 20 years old and she is very positive as well. She told us in one of our lessons that she is anti-Catholic...so that is weird. She said that she was going to an evangelical church but she stopped going because she wondered where her apostle came from and who called him. She is very intelligent. Sorry, I can't remember how to spell that. Spanish is messing with my head. I am really starting to love Chiquilajá. It is a cool area. And, we eat a lot here compared to other areas. We even have dinner like 2 times a week with members. Maybe I will plump up again...put on a little pudge.

Love you guys. Think about all of you every day and know that I am praying for you. This church is true. That is why we have like maybe 100,000 missionaries in the world. I am just guessing that is how many there are with the new change, but I am not sure. Like it says in the Bible and the Book of Mormon: judge prophets and people by their fruits. We have the Book of Mormon - the most true and sacred book in the world. Love you guys so much and I will keep you guys updated with the work.

With love,
Elder Reinhold

Note from Jake's mom:  I asked how his stomach has been, because as you know, missionaries can be so sick for the first 3 to 6 months.  He said he hasn't had any trouble.  

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