Rain, References, and Remembering Him.

Yep, this is Chiquilaja  - all of it. The other pics I sent you were of where we live in Choqui. 

Hey family! How is life over there in the cold? Well, I avoided it for too long. I think the rainy season is starting but its not too bad yet. Everyday at about 3pm storms roll in. But life is good. This week we have been working to find new investigators and we received a ton of references so this week we are going to be contacting references a lot. 

As missionaries we don't have a lot of free time,
but in my 10 minutes here and there 

I made some scripture cases with the mission patch in them.
 I will start out with the quote. "Identify your problems but give your power and energy to solutions." 
- ???
If this was applied in the mission and in the world it would be a different place. Some people just dwell in the trials they are having instead of sitting down and saying, "How can I fix this? Ii want to learn how to apply this principle in my life."

We recreated the picture of Jesus sitting and overlooking the city of Jerusalem.

This week we had the opportunity to work with a member family that is a great family this is one of my journal entries. "We did some service for a family today named the C-- family. I had known this family from my ward in Panorama. Their grandma lives in Panorama. Two years ago the dad of the family, being known for his gospel study and spirituality around the ward, was studying his scriptures and he told his wife that his work here on earth was finished and he knew that the time was near that he had to go. She kept telling him to stop talking like that and that nothing was going to happen and they were going to be fine. 

They owned a curtain shop and for the shop he made almost daily trips to Huehuetenango. One day while going to Huehue on his motorcycle he found himself between a big truck and a parked car and he was determined dead on the scene. When she received the news by an unforgettable knock at the door, conversations and flashbacks rushed to her hear head of him saying that his work was finished. She is now a single mom with four children ages 14, 10, 4, and 2. When I walked in the house I saw there are display cases all over the walls custom built for her husband's toy car collection. Some cars were still there with others sold off to help pay the bills. For the cars that have been removed, you can still see the silhouette of the cars where the sun burnt the images into the wall. The absence of the car representing that he has gone, but the burnt image of the cars representing that they will always remember him and that he is always there and that they will live with him again through the atoning sacrifice of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and the plan that He has so lovingly given us." This family is so strong that I look to them as examples of faith and strength to overcome trials.
Here is the beautiful flourishing central park of Chiquilaja.
  It's picnicable.
This week has been a bit slow. We have not had to much success. All the members and anyone who knows Chiquilaja knows that it is a hard area to work in all. Out of the whole city of Chiquilaja there are 6 members and in the city of Choqui that we live in there is like 120. It is hard because all are evangelical and Catholic and they don't want to hear anything, but it is okay. We are going to work hard to get the church started in Chiquilaja. Well the story took a lot of my time, but I love you guys and will keep you updated.

Elder Reinhold

This caught my eye.  There is a good message in this Snickers wrapper. It says, "10% more to share."
I like that.  Most things are like, "10% more to enjoy."

Don't freak out.  I found them in a store that imports stuff from the States but the store actually stinks.  Every once in a while you find a treasure.  I think they were cheaper than the States too - 20 quets.
That is about $2.25.

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