Errands, baptism...Cafe Rio?? :)

Hey family! How is it going? Life here is good. It is still cold sometimes and the office is like being an errand boy. We will get a call and they'll say, "Can you guys leave now to go to Patalup?" That happened this week so I had the opportunity to go see the sticks of the mission. The Elders have to walk an hour to get to where they can contact anyone and when they get there they have like three houses then they have to walk more. Man at that point you are praying for a every house because they all count. But, once my leg is better I really do want to go somewhere like that and I will have the chance one day.

This is what Momostenango looks like.  While we were driving out there we could see only the tops of the mountains and hills with our chapels on them.  Really cool experience to see the Church growth.
Well, the quote for this week is one that I have told myself many times on the mission when I want to complain about something that I don't like or about how something is hard. "People complaining about the size of peanuts while soaring through air." -Dieter F. Uchtdorf.  I love this quote because at times I say, "Man what I would do for a Cafe Rio burrito or a hot shower and this is a once in a lifetime chance to walk with the Lamanite people with a badge saying you are a representative of our Savior. No other time in my life will I get to see first hand the hand of the Lord touching and changing the hearts of people one by one, and get to see the miracles of God.

The good news is we have a baptism this week - as in today we are baptizing a 19 year old named Yennifer. We have been working with her for a couple of weeks. I now technically have been involved with 2 baptisms but I didn't teach them start to finish. Sorry, I feel like I am just dropping that news on you guys. I will be better at writing about the work because now I can actually kind of do the work. I am excited to see my first convert baptism. Also, last night we were contacting and found a really good family. They were very interested and we asked if we could come back another day because it is getting a little late and he asked, "Can you guys come in for 5 minutes now?" Of course, we were like "Sure." We are going to start teaching that family.

On a road trip to Patalup.
This week I also started driving the truck. Yes, I know - a Central American driver. It is definitely a little bit different. You pass on the right side. All the streets going one way have the right of way, and all going the other way have to stop. So what do you do when you have a diagonal street? I am still trying to figure that out. haha. I hopped on the scale again and I broke the 200 mark. I think the last time I was under 200 was in 8th grade. I am seriose. (I can't tell if that is Spanish or a typo.) It is weird. Man, when this leg is better I should be able to 360 dunk the basketball, as if I could dunk it before. Ha ha.

Some creepy tree in Momos.
We also had the opportunity to go to the temple to try to find clothes for our baptism. You would be surprised how sometimes it is difficult to find baptism clothes. For heaven sakes, we are in a mission. But this week I have realized that I need to rely on the Lord more for my leg and humble myself and realize I can't do it myself. I received a Priesthood blessing this week for my leg from Elder Little. In the blessing he said that it's only if I rely on the Lord and grow closer to the Lord that I am promised to witness a miracle with my leg. Also, he said that I have been given talents for the mission that I need to use more often. I think that it is the ability to help other struggling missionaries, but sometimes I don't want to open my mouth and tell them what to do, but I need to help my companions fulfill a worthy work.

I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to be here in Guatemala and that I can wear this badge that has been worn some of the choicest of our fathers children. This tag means a lot more than Elder Reinhold. Remember that this life is only a slice of eternity and we need to be ready and purified to take away the sting of death. The most simple, skipped over thing in the Church is reading your scriptures and praying. I promise that if you are reading and praying there is no way for the adversary to bring you down. Only after you stop feasting on the words of Christ and seeking inspiration through prayer can the chains of death and the temptations of the adversary take hold in your life. Stay strong, study the atonement and what it really means. Not many of us truly understand it spiritually. I definitely did not before the mission. Love you guys and never pass up the opportunity to share the gospel or to represent Christ.
This guy is called Jake the Snake
 - a long time nickname of mine,
so I had to take a picture.

With Love,
Elder Reinhold

From Jakob's mom:  He thinks he may be transferred out the office here soon!

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