Kind of crazy week...

Hi friends and family,

First, the quote of the week. "Nice guys only appear to finish last, actually they are running a different race." - Unknown. Nice guys might look like they finished last, but what is the goal of the race? The nice guys have an eternal perspective and know what is really important and that is not necessarily worldly things, but the eternal things.

Wow! This week has been crazy. First of all, Elder de Lora's new missionary arrived so he is gone. He went to a little pueblo in San Bartolo. He is out in the sticks but he has been in Momos most of his mission so he is used to it. I was very sad to see him go because we had a lot of fun together and it was a really fun couple of weeks. You have good comps and you have not so good comps. Two Elders I knew were sent home for breaking the rules this week. That was unfortunate.

My new name tag with spelling they can pronounce.
So one night Elder L-- and I were out working and we were talking to a member for a couple of minutes. Then we went to knock the door next to their house and in the 30 seconds we were gone 2 guys on a motorcycle with masks came up to the member who is about 16 years old and said, "We are going to kill you and your brothers." When we went back to talk to her she was shaking and asked us if we could walk her to her grandma's house. We did, only because there was a guy walking towards us with a shotgun.  Don't get me wrong, but lots of people have shotguns here - mostly guards.  This was at like 8:30 at night on this tiny street. We left and the guy with the shotgun stopped at the tienda like 10 feet from their door and was talking with the tienda owner.  We had to walk her back because she didn't lock all the doors and some of her family was still there. We talked with the grandma and she believed they have the intention to do it. There have been some big family problems and this is the result.

Cool scripture covers they make here.
Dad you would like it here in the office because there is this electronic store right next to the offices and they play the power ballads station ALL day. We close all the windows and everything and we can still hear it. 

Also, this is for anybody who is going on a mission. The best shoes in my opinion and in most peoples opinion are the Hush Puppies. They are waterproof and some missionaries still have them at like a year and they are still in decent shape. I love mine. Well, I am not feeling so hot. I am a bit sick so I cannot write a lot, but this week I should have a appointment for my leg again and we will see what is up. Well, love you guys and remember what our Savior did for every one of us and always give thanks to Him. Talk to you next week!

Elder Reinhold

Two hour ride to Huehue.

The countryside is so beautiful.

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