Happy Birthday in Chiqui!

Me in the corn field.  This looks like a lot of service to me....

Hole my comp burned in my shirt.
Had to take a picture.
 It was only the second plane I have seen.
Hey! Well my birthday so far has been really good. I have had a good day. First I want to tell everybody thank you for the letters that are coming to me. I cannot read them fast enough today. Since I don't have time to write all of them back personally I want to thank you guys so much and thank you so much for the packages!

This morning at 6:15am I woke up to the happy birthday song blaring in our house. It's a good thing too or else I probably would have forgotten that it was my birthday. I started to wash some of my shirts on the roof of our house and it is a tradition to do firecrackers for your birthday. So I am casually washing my clothes and a string of firecrackers started going off right behind me. I was like, "What the heck!" They were pretty close to me. My comp lit firecrackers and ran. The funny thing is that one of my shirts that was hanging up to dry got a hole blasted right through it. So we were laughing so hard. But good thing I received 2 shirts in the package I got today. Revelation or inspiration.

Then my comp was like, "Are you ready? We are going to breakfast." I was like okay. He took me to a really nice restaurant (by missionary standards) and the food was really good.

There was also a really cool doll place where they make dolls but they make them for every region of Guatemala with all the different cortes and all the different native stuff. I took some pictures. When I am done with the mission I want to buy dolls from all of my areas. That would be cool. After breakfast we went to the demo, which is the huge market and I bought a watch that is really cool. It was like the equivalent of 8 dollars. I like it a lot. That is the good thing about here in Central America - all the cheap markets.

Cool picture that is in the Mission home.
This was the bathroom I used.
The ceiling was about 4 feet tall.  It was tight!
Well this week was a bit frustrating. We were supposed to have a baptism but a pastor came and talked to our investigators and said you can't do this and that...so we will keep working with them. The quote for this week is... 
"Success is doing the common things uncommonly well."
For example: planning. When Elder Martino was here, he promised that if you apply the planning taught in preach my gospel you will make 100,000 dollars more in your life. Soo... if you do the uncommon things with diligence you will be better off in more ways than one. This is with the gospel too. If you do the common things like read your scriptures and pray you cannot fall.

Well I am sorry I don't have a lot of time today but I will prepare something for next week's letter.

I love you guys so much and I will be talking with you guys in like 15 days or something. Thanks for all the support and my birthday was a once in a lifetime birthday here in Chiquilaja.

Con amor,
Elder Reinhold

On our p-day we made a campfire and had smores on our roof.  Fun! 

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