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Beautiful Sky.
How was your week? My week here was good. Conference was great, wasn't it? First of all, let me start out and say when they said, "Cedar City Temple" I was so happy. Everybody was probably like what the heck is this elder doing. It's because I have thought a lot about my 45 minute drive to go to the temple when I return from my mission. I want to try to go a couple times a week. That will be a great blessing to the people of Cedar City. And also, I can't tell you how much I love Holland as a speaker. All I want to do is listen to his words. His mix between having the Spirit and his education in literature and writing...he is such a moving speaker. Also, did you see Elder Falabella? He is from here in Guatemala and he was the general authority that came to this mission before the Elder Martino conference that we had. I have seen the notes from his conferences. He is amazing.

The quote for this week is, "The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary." -Vidal Sasson.  I love this quote because this is exactly how the mission is. If you want to have baptisms you stay out the whole day and work. When it's raining like a waterfall, you work and contact because you need to show the Lord your willingness to act in diligence. Then the blessings come. 

Burning my tie for the 6 month mark.
This week has been a manifestation of that quote. This week we have 3 baptismal dates with L--, and M--, his wife. He has been a registered pastor in the evangelical church for years and years. Yes, if all goes as we are hoping, we are going to baptize a pastor and his wife. They came to conference with us and after the conference said that they want to be part of our church and they want to come to church next week, so they are pretty positive. They are great people. Also L-- is still positive. She has been to church so we are going to work with her as well. 

Sorry guys, I don't have a lot of time this week, but love you guys. More importantly God loves you!

Elder Reinhold

We asked Jakob a couple of questions that he replied to separately.
We noticed a charge on his debit card to Wendy's and we didn't realize they had them down there. Jake said, "Um yes, there is a Wendy's there in Xela but it is expensive. Okay, it's the same price as it is in the States, which is expensive. It's really good though. Now that I am back in the field I am back to the usual. Ninety percent of our meals are pepian and jocom which are native Mayan dishes. It is rice with a sauce and if they can afford it with chicken. I would say that 60 percent of my diet is rice. But they are actually pretty good. You guys should make it there sometimes so you know what I eat. The difference between the two dishes is just the sauce. Jocom is like a green sauce and pepian is like a reddish brown sauce. When we eat in the house, I eat more variety. A couple here in our mission with experience said that they think that this mission for Americans is not so good as far as food getting sick, nutrients, etc.  But I am not picky. And yes, I have been sick. I managed to gain 10 pounds in the office with a lot of tortillas but I am back down because I have been sick the past like 3 days."

Jake is not a picky eater, but he was worried about having to eat one of probably three foods he really disliked - avocados.  It is a staple in their diet.  We asked him about that.  He said, "Yes they eat avacados, but I like them. I bought some the other day. The grass is greener where you water it!!!" Well, this is great news since his mom is from "the avocado capitol of the world."

He added, "This is not really related, but just found a group that I want to see when I get back home. Don't worry, it is mission appropriate. They sing all about the Church, but look them up - Nashville Tribute Band. They are really good." I think that when they finish mapping the human genome, they are going to find the gene for "country boy" because it is in his blood. A group that sings Church country music is something to be excited about especially since he can listen to it while on the mission.

Here are some songs by Nashville Tribute Band that are missionary related:

I Was Born

Children Go

Children Go - Lip sync by two funny missionaries.

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