All Set for Friday's Baptism!

We went to the temple with M-- and her daughter Sh--.
It was a great experience and they felt the Spirit.

Well the good news is that all is looking great for the baptism of the V-- family. We talked to Mo-- this Saturday and she said that she talked with her husband too and he said to do it and that he wants to attend church with us when he is in town. IT IS A MIRACLE. Ma--, Mo--, A-- and C-- all have their interviews this Wednesday. Right now all is good except that we are having trouble finding baptismal clothes for 4 people. This week in church they were inviting everybody to their baptism. Little do they know that our church's heater does not work and it literally is water that is naturally chilled from the Xela cold. I felt it last time and it is FREEZING. We are really excited for M-- and her family. 

This week in church, I was asked to speak and I just talked so boldly and strongly because other things have not been effective. I chose to talk about keeping the Sabbath day holy. I started out saying that I had prayed really hard about what I should talk about and I said that I know that the Lord still wants us to be better with this commandment. Then I said that the evidence that it is a problem is that when we as missionaries have to teach keeping this commandment, we feel like hypocrites and that's not okay. It was a little strong. I thought when I said that that the bishop was going to take me off the podium. No I am just kidding. But speaking really boldly works, how do you think the evangelicals baptize? By scaring people into baptism. 

This week's quote is very appropriate for this week. "To reach, to teach, to touch the precious souls whom our Father has prepared for his message is a monumental task. Success is rarely simple. Generally it is proceeded by tears, trials, trust and testimony." - Thomas S. Monson.  And I would add "time."

This is the central park of Xela. It is actually pretty cool. I could live there.
We will see how everything goes this Friday. I knew from the beginning that they were going to be baptized because of the strong impression that we received to contact them. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity I have to serve here in the tiny mission of Xela. I read something today that said that 66 percent of the children in Xela live in what is considered severe poverty. Xela has a lot of money compared to the other areas of the mission like Momostenango, Quiche, Huehuetenango and some parts of Totonicipan. I think I am going to stay here in Xela when I have changes. A couple of reasons...first of all, my leg. Not that my leg is a big problem now but I don't know what president thinks about it. Also President wants me to continue to baptize and Xela is the place to do that. Love you friends and family and talk to you next week.

Con amor su Guatemalteco Chapine aqui en Chiquilaja. Placticamos este lunes e siempre recuerdan que les amo.

Elder Reinhold

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