Baptism, Blessings, Talk in Church....

Well family this week was great. Ch-- got baptized!!!! It was a little present for my comp since this was his last week. It was a true miracle that he got baptized. We went in the morning to pick him up for church and he was deathly sick.  He was in his bed just sweating and dying. Not to mention that half of his family was already in the hospital for the same virus.  The baptism was looking a little bit dim. We gave him a blessing and told him that we would be back to check with him after church.  We returned and he was feeling just fine and all of his family was still dying. Blessings work and especially when you are trying to do the Lord's will which includes baptism. He was so excited to get baptized and will be a great missionary one day.

This week was good as far as working with the members. I spoke in church and I don't want to take credit but it was really powerful because of the Spirit. Lots of people commented on my talk. The members all took a lot of pamphlets and are excited to talk with their friends and their families about the gospel. Well you guys will find out who my new comp is next week.   Also they just told me that they are opening Calvario 2.  That means there will be 4 missionaries in Calvario again.  That also means that I will be showing 3 people the area. It might be a little crazy, but that is how the mission is.  Well love you guys and talk to you next week.  Sorry, no quote this week because I don't have my agenda.

Elder Reinhold

P.S.  I tried to put photos... but it is not working with the computer that I am using.

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