Making Things Happen in Centro...

It was "burn the devil day" this week. This is one of the devils that someone made.
It even has little horns.
Hey Family!
How are ya' all doin'? First of all, Happy Birthday Kyler. Man, you are growing up fast. Well everything is going great here in Xela. Other than the fact that I feel like it is colder than Utah!!! I thought that by receiving a mission call to Central America I was safe... I didn't even sleep in a sweatshirt in Utah but here it is a MUST-DO. Well it is so cold sometimes. Last week I went to the market and bought a coat, so don't worry, I am okay now.
Elder Christopherson is going home,
 so we made a piñata for him.
Here in the area of Centro there is a non-baptizing streak not to mention it is a zone leader area and the last zone leader here was an previous assistant. Well this week we are going to baptize.  It is a miracle.  The Lord is so merciful with us. Also, we found a ton of families to work with. We found like 4 or 5 families.  We are stoked and we think we are going to lay down some fire in January. That is a saying that we say down here. "Vamos a echar fuego."  We think that we can maybe baptize 3 to 5 in January. This week the Lord truly blessed us. The zone is struggling a little bit, but we are trying to do all that we can to help it.
This week the quote of the week is, "We are told emphatically not to pilfer and profane, prevaricate and fornicate, satiate ourselves in every indulgence or violation that strikes our fancy and then suppose that we are "pretty darn good soldiers." No, not in this army, not defending the kingdom of God." -Jeffrey R. Holland Wow.  That will make you think about the little sins a bit more seriously won't it?
Well, I love you guys and I am in the coolest mission in the world. The culture is amazing - pure Book of Mormon material. I would not trade it for anything.
Elder Reinhold

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  1. Hi Jakob! So happy that you are happy. No doubt you are working hard. I'd put you up next to an "Idaho farm boy" any day. :) Love everyone and stay safe. Mom xoxo