Awesome Week

Why the long faces, Elders?
December 23, 2013

Well this week was awesome for a couple of reasons. Fisrt of all we had a couple of really cool activities in the stake. They were, of course, Christmas themed. The first is that the whole zone prepared a choir to sing in a park. It turned out great. There were microphones and lights and big speakers. Everything turned out really good. The other activity that we had was the whole stake went to an aldea called Sija. We brought 3 truck loads of toys and there was a dance and a singing program. It was really cool.

Tomorrow we are going to do the Zone christmas activity. We are going to make a pizza buffet and we are going to play games like basketball, soccer, and board games. We will see how it turns out. This week was really cool. The zone is suffering a ton so my comp and I planned a really spiritual slash, butt whooping zone conference. We prepared really good talks and we invited the assistants to talk as well and then we shared the missionary work and the atonement video it was so cool. The stats went up so we are happy that the missionaries are working a little bit harder. As for our area we are doing great. I think that we could baptize very healthily in January. We have a baptism on January 5th with our investigator named, J--.

Well I have to go, but Merry Christmas and I promise to write more next week.

Love you guys and thank you for all the support.

Elder Reinhold
P.S.  More Photos coming.  Having technical difficulties.

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