New Area and Zone - Xela Centro.

Well this week was good and I finally figured out what might be my challenge of the mission - raising or fixing a broken zone. Wow, it is really down right now. I am finally to the point to see if I can somehow turn a zone around.
The area of Centro really is a great experience. It is in the heat of everything - all the parties. I see gringos everyday (more than 20). its a little bit weird. I never talk to them and I always greet them in Spanish. I forgot how to in English. The area is a little hard. For example, it is like trying to share the gospel in a small country town or in Times Square. Which is easier?? But we are trying to get the area going again so that we can have some success. We are probably going to baptize in December. We just have to see how the Lord blesses us.
This is a project that the Church is doing to encourage self-reliance.
They give all the members the chicken and the coop.
Being a zone leader is good. One thing that I learned about myself in being a zone leader is that I only act according to my authority. Before, I always thought that I was going to have a hard time machete-ing (chewing out if missionaries are breaking rules,) but I have found it to be surprisingly easy. I know when to listen and I know when to talk. It takes courage to talk but it also takes courage to sit down and listen. It's a quote but I can't remember by whom.
Well the quote for this week is a good one. "The war is on, and we have conspicuously enlisted. And certainly it is a war worth waging. But we are foolish, fatally foolish, if we believe it will be a casual or convenient thing. We are foolish, fatally foolish if we think that it will demand nothing of us." -Jeffrey R Holland. I like this quote becuase this is what the gospel is about. It is not an easy thing.
Well, love all of you guys.

Elder Reinhold
This is in Central Park. It is so cool. 
It is like they are giving a blessing in a ring with their left arm on the shoulder of the the other.

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