My comp showing off his gut.
April 7, 2013

Hey family,

How is life? I am not going to lie to you guys, I really don't have to much say.  It was kind of a bummer week. The good thing was the conference.  Of course I loved the talk from Jeffrey R. Holland when he said, "That sounds like a god made in man's image."  He gave a pretty good beatdown. The other talks that I loved were Elder Oak's talk on the priesthood when he spoke about the women and the priesthood. I would recommend all women to read that talk or listen to it. It was some great doctrine. Also I liked the talk in the priesthood session by Randall L. Ridd, when he talked about the internet profile that the internet makes for us. It was a great talk.

This would look like idol worship to us.
It is a golden Christ with a cross.
There is lots of smoke and singing.

This week we just are plugging along.  The zone is improving a ton.  All of the areas are doing a lot better job completing the work of the Lord. As for us in San Juan, we are really trying to help the branch. We talked with the branch president this week and basically said, "Well the branch is having trouble what are we going to do?"  So we came up with a plan to help the branch.  My dad asked how we watched the conference. We had to go down to Xela because in San Juan they don't really have good cable or good internet to watch it, so we went to the stake center in Xela. Next week I will only have 6 months left. It is so crazy!!!!!!!  Well until then, stay classy fam.

Elder Reinhold

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  1. Jake! You are almost home Yay!! You were in my dream the other day and we were fishing and I didn't wanna wake up because I miss hanging out with you! It looks like you love the people of Guatemala and they love you! How could they not! You are awesome Love you!