The New Branch, Hiking with Zone, Planting Potatoes and Volcano.

This is our bus when we went to a conference.

March 31, 2014

We went for a little hike.
It was really beautiful.

For p-day we went on top of the mountain.


Well this week was okay. Really it was an average week. I didn't even really feel it go by. The time goes by so fast in the mission. This week we spent a lot of time on the zone. We did an activity today we went up on the top of a mountain, did a little hike and they also had a basketball court on the mountain so we played some ball. After, we made burgers and I surprised myself with my potato salad making abilities. All of the mentioned activities took some time to organize.
We saw and heard a volcano erupt.

This is a fire pit that we had as an activity.
We had about 18 investigators and 5 members come.

This week was good because I saw the branch for the first time. My first impression... they called up 3 people to give talks and all three denied the opportunity. So I got my scriptures ready and went up. The missionaries are the back up plan for everything. We also passed the sacrament, did all of the information for the branch like the attendance and everything, and we taught priesthood to the 2 people that are in the branch. Here we have to do everything as missionaries. The great news is that we had 10 investigators in church and the sisters of San Juan had 3. A good portion of our sacrament meeting was investigators. We are working hard to find some good quality members here in San Juan.  We are looking for future branch presidents.  They need leadership.

This is our whole branch on the way to the conference.

I really do love San Juan. The culture is cool. Hardly anybody speaks Spanish. Lots of them know how but everybody speaks Mam.  Since a lot of our investigators don't speak Spanish, we have to have translators to teach. This week I will have 18 months in the mission.  I want to cry but I am going to try to take advantage of the time I have left. I don't want to go. I still tell everybody when they ask me that I have 15 months in the mission. Love you guys so much and hope you like the pictures. Talk to you next week.

Elder Reinhold
This is where we went to plant potatoes.
I was dying afterwards.  The people are such hard workers.

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