Baptism and Semana Santa.

April 21, 2014

Hey family,

How is life?  Well this week I do not have a lot of time to write but this week was good and bad.  We will start off with the bad. First of all this week was the semana santa or the holy week for the Catholics. That basically means a pause of the missionary work. It doesn't matter even if we go and knock doors they do not answer.  It is a really hard week for the missionary work.  

Also my comps and I have been really sick this week. We ate something bad and we have been suffering all of this week. I thought about 10 times this week that I was going to throw up for the first time on the mission but I am still going strong and hold the record strong. 

Also the family that we were trying to get baptized did not get baptized as a family... hahahaha. The good thing is that we had a baptism and it was the mom of the family Hermana A--. It was a bit crazy having the baptism when we were sick and when it was the semana santa but it all worked out. Thank you guys for your support and stay classy.

Elder Reinhold

These are the afombras of the semana santa.

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