First week in Quetzaltenango in the mission offices.

A sign in the mission office.  This is funny because basically all the missionaries have fleas.

Hey family!

How goes it? Well this week has been good. Really, inspite of my challenges...which are nothing compared to the opportunity to be here in Xela doing this work. As far as my leg goes, I can feel it getting a little better. I can extend it just a tiny bit which is good.

Life here in the offices is good. Sometimes it does get boring, but what is better than diving into a good session of gospel study for me right now? Nothing is better. So when I arrived at the offices they had a scale so I gladfully hopped on and I weigh 203. Wow! When I left my house I weighed 235 so I have lost quite a bit, but don't worry. I think I will gain some back and lose it in different areas of the mission. But for me here in the office, I just try to help with whatever I can. We have a couple from Minnesota here. Sister Fairborne is the secretary and Elder Fairborne is the financial guy for the mission. They are great and I try to help them out. Actually, my companion and I received a pretty big assignment from the president. We are doing the yearly history for this mission. Every mission does it and submits it to Salt Lake. So, we have been busy gathering pictures, information, stories, and all sorts of stuff. That is one of the big things we have to do.

One thing I am grateful for is the opportunity to get to know President Bautista. He really is an amazing man.  Everybody in the mission thinks he is intimidating because he is our mission president, but he is so nice and so funny. I love him and I love talking to him.

View of Quetzaltenango.
For p-day today we drove to the top of one of the surrounding mountains to see the great view. They have this slide that is like 150 feet long so all the other elders wanted to do that. It was great to drive and see the country side and relax.

Sorry I don't really have much to write about and I might not have a lot to write about when I am here in the offices, but I am thankful for the opportunity to be here and to learn from the best. I know that I am here to learn obedience and I am thankful to be able to better myself everyday. 

I love you guys and thank you for all of your support. It is incredible! I feel the love every day. Thanks again and talk to you guys next week.

Elder Reinhold

Me with my new mission companion.

Everyone in the office on our trip to overlook Xela.

I don't have a great picture yet, but Xela is at the foot of the volcano.

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