New Comp and the Pancake Lady.

¿Como estan?

Hey guys. This week has been pretty good and a bit crazy. First of all I got a new companion. My old companion Elder Centeno is now one of the secretaries so I now have Elder De Lora for my companion. He is great and way fun to be with. He is from Fresno, Cali and has 19 months in the mission so he knows what he is doing. He is an exact replica of uncle Matt and his name is Matt. It's crazy, but it is nice to have him in the offices.   He boosts our spirits when we need it.

Me with Elder Hansen and Elder De Lora.
Elder Little sniping with a Nerf gun.

This week I started a book with all the best church talks of all time. I have researched the best and compiled them in a folder that I am going to study and mark as I go. I am really excited to do it. There is only one problem. I cannot find a three ring binder here. It is like a needle in a haystack. I thought I finally found one in a tienda and it was a four ring binder. I almost cried. But I will find one.

This week I have not been using my crutches around the office and around the house and I have walked a couple short distances without them, but for the most part I use them for walking around the city. Also while walking around my new comp showed me this lady who makes these little pancake pastry things. It is like a pancake sandwich with frosting in the middle and they are only 1 quetzal each. So, I have been partaking of the opportunity in the office and have invested a few quets in those. They are delicious. 

 Well I don't have much to write about, but right now we are going to salcaja to buy corte (the native fabric that they have with all the bright colors) and we are also going to the demo (the big market in the city) to buy jackets. It's really cold here in Xela. Yesterday it was like 45 or 50 degrees. All day I was freezing. We are definitely up here in the mountains. I am just waiting for the snow already. Just kidding. But the weather in Huehuetenango might be the best in the whole world. It is 65 or 70 all day and all year. It is beautiful. Here it is a bit colder.

My leg is (I think) getting better, but really slowly.  This week I started to do a lot of research on it and I think I might have ruptured the tendon that connects the quad that is on top to the pattela (the knee cap) because when I try to use it I hurt in my knee cap.  People have said it can be a really long recovery and so I was a bit worried because they also said you need to heal it right or you might have problems.  So, I have started doing exercises.  Right now I can barely even flex the quad on top and it takes a lot of concentration.  Anyway...

If you have any suggestions on your favorite talks of all time let me know.

Love you guys talk to you next week.
Elder Reinhold

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