Off crutches, preparing for conferences, first rain...


Well first off I decided that every week on my email I am going to include a quote that I have found over the week and probably use a few fillers when I don't find one that sticks out to me.  This week's:

 "Trouble has no necessary connection with discouragement, discouragement has a germ of its own."
- Jeffrey R. Holland 

I love that quote because it is how you react to trouble that changes your attitude towards the situation.
Me with city and volcano in background.
Well needless to say this week has been very interesting. Dad to answer your question, Quetzaltenango is the name of the city but I never hear people use that name here. Xela is the original Mayan name given to this city so the name Xela goes back - man I don't even know how long. 

Kids playing with my crutches.

So this week I had the opportunity to talk to Dr. Drake directly which is rare because he is a busy guy. I got on the phone with him and he asked me how I was doing and he said most importantly how is the work going and I told him it was going okay. He told me something that made me very grateful for the attitude I had about my leg and it made me very grateful for President Bautista. He said that as soon as I had my MRI Sister Bautista called him with the news and said that the doctor wanted me in a full cast. Dr. Drake said to Sister Bautista, "Send him home and have him re- assigned because that is ridiculous." Then he said something like, "Have President interview him and see what he thinks." So, President interviewed me and I told him that I want to be here. I don't think I need the cast and I think I just need time and faith." President Bautista said that he did not want me to go because we have to roll the dice to see if I can come back to this mission. So he called Dr. Drake and said, "He thinks he can do it here." So, Dr. Drake said I can stay. I don't know what I would do if I left and was not able to receive this mission again. I am so grateful for the even short few months I have had here. These people are the people of The Book of Mormon. When President Eyring set apart the last mission president he got up from the prayer with tears in his eyes and said take care of the people in that mission they are the purest blood of the Lamanites. Also in one talk I think it was President Packer that said this is one of the favorite places for the general authorities to go because this is the place. I am so grateful to still be here. So this week Dr. Drake asked me when was the last time I used my crutches and I said yesterday and he basically said, "Get off those crutches. Don't listen to other people. It is your body and you know best and I can tell you have done your research and you know exactly what you need to do." He basically confirmed everything I thought I should be doing like not using crutches and doing exercises. So I am officially off crutches. He did say that I need to just be patient because this is a very timely injury (Jakob used timely, but I think he might also mean slow to heal injury.)

Me with Elder C--.  We are both off our crutches now!!

My comp getting his cast removed.

He said I should not expect to be better for at least 3 or 4 more weeks. He said that my progress is good and I have nothing to worry about. Every day I am able to move it a little bit more and I have a little more muscle. So the leg is doing well and I am relieved that I am making progress.

This week in the offices have been crazy we have conferences this week with Elder Martino from the Area Presidency and we have been preparing all the chapels around the mission and calling people and it has been a lot of work, but it is good for us. I had my first rain since I have been in Guatemala. It was so cold and there was snow on the volcano. I wanted to go up there and have a snowball fight. It is so huge though. 

Anyway we ended the week on a good note.  My comp wrecked the car. Yes, the mission car. So last night that was a good ride in the President's to have a talk and show him where it was damaged. It was Elder C--'s second time driving. I feel bad for him, but it will all work out. I am just glad it was not me and I will leave it at that.

Safe electrical work.  At least he is wearing a helmet.

Well you guys and remember to pray and read often. That is one of the things that has changed my life the most. Love you all and talk to you next week.

Elder Reinhold


  1. Jake! How incredible to have this experience. I am so sorry about your leg! But i just want you to know I am thinking about you, I love you and am proud of you for taking such a huge step in your life. It takes a lot of courage to leave your comfy home and go experience another part of the world. I am sure that you will benefit from this experience and take it with you the rest of your life. So much love, happiness, health and strenth to you while you are on this incredible journey... And remember, its not about the destination, its about the journey. Enjoy it!!!
    Love~Aunt Megan!

  2. Hi Jake,
    My name is Andrea Wilde. Your Aunt Megan and I have our kids at the same school and have become good friends. I hope you heal quickly. The faith you have in yourself and in the "Physician" to heal your leg is amazing and admirable.The healing thus far of your leg is a pure testimony that miracles continue to happen. Take care!