Hola familia! Feliz Navidad!

Well this week has been great because it was Christmas. It started out great for the 24th. We all got together as a zone and watched a movie 'of the world.' Yes a movie of the world while on a mission. But no, it was not Lord of the Rings like I was hoping. It was some kid movie that I didn't even really watch because I was talking to other elders the whole time. We also had pizza and that was great because it's nice to get a break from the food down here. Don't get me wrong. The food down here is great but a variety is good too. Then we went and played sports again but it makes no difference for me because I can't play...but its okay, I just sit and read or talk to other missionaries. So the night of the 24th we went over to some people's house and had tamales and they were pretty good. The tamales (I don't know how it is spelled), but the tamales here are different than the Mexican tamales. They are good though. When we returned to the house we just chilled for a little bit and went to bed but at 12 midnight, I woke up again to the loudest thing I have ever heard. I looked out the window and the sky was full of fireworks and the fireworks they have here are huge. So I watched for a minute then went to bed. On the 25th we woke up and went to some other elders' house and played a Guatemala version of Monopoly and of course I destroyed them in it. All the Latinos were calling me a visionary man which is a quote from the Church movie The Testaments. It was funny. They were blaming it on that I was a gringo.
As far as the work is going, it is going pretty well. We have 6 baptism dates which is pretty high but one thing I have learned is that dates don't mean anything. It is all about the whether they attend church and this week S--, our investigator, came to church so we are excited about that, but our others did not. The other investigators are a family that was a reference to us. There names are P--, N--, and I--. N-- and I-- have two children. They are really interested. Every time we teach a lesson they take notes and that is unheard of. They came to a ward activity this week and had a good time, so I am feeling really positive about it. We will see this next week how many will come to church. Right now I just need to continue to buckle down on the Spanish and keep working and the Lord will do the rest. I have seen how the Spirit and the gospel and the power of God can change someones heart so fast. Tonight is also a big night with New Year's Eve. There will be fireworks again and tamales, but to be honest with you, I just want some real Mexican food and so does my companion because he is from Mexico. We are trying to find a restaurant with good Mexican food, but we haven't yet. This week I am going to Xela (Quetzaltenango) for the doctor and we will see what happens after that. It is a relief to have somebody look at it, but all is good I can walk decently now.
Love you guys. Thank you so much for the support, and hope to hear from all of you.
With love,
The gimp in Guatemala

P.S. I am going to the doctor on wednesday in Xela and we will see from there about my leg but I am doing well, still loosing weight like crazy, but we got money today and I am going to buy breakfast burrito stuff at the store and a lot of cereal.  It's good here but definitely different though.  I am happy but maybe nervous for the doctor because I have nothing to extend my leg, like no muscle and no tendon so we will see.  If there is one thing about the Church it's that they are organized and they take care of the missionaries.  Love you but don't worry about me.

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