Elder Cook, Laguna Chiquibal and Volcanoes.

January 20, 2014

Hey family and friends,

Wow, this week was great.  That is all I have to say. Well I will start out with the highlight of the week. Elder Cook came to the mission and talked to us. It was so awesome.  It was just for the mission.

My comp and I with the assistants.
First, we all had the chance to shake his hand and greet him. Then we had the opportunity to listen to his message. It was great. He talked about a lot of stuff from Doctrine & Covenants and how the mission force is growing. He also shared his opinion about what kind of people we should look for and teach. He then finished with leaving us a promise and a blessing.  It was so cool. I felt like he was talking directly to me. He made lots of promises about our families back home and all the blessing they will receive. Then he bore his testimony of the Savior and it was so powerful. It was incredible. We were all ready to go out there and find some people.

Almost the whole zone.  We were only missing three missionaries.
The zone right now is doing great in comparison with the whole mission. We have the most baptisms out of all the zones. We are Xela Centro and  we only have 7 areas and we have the most...that could be why President gave us permission to go to the Laguna Chiquibal.
They always burn wax.  One time I saw a lady put like 100 candles in the fire.

I know I had already been there but this time it was different. I had the opportunity to see a volcano erupt. Well, it wasn't a full eruption, but it exploded. It was awesome.

Three Volcanoes
Also I got to see the coast, but it was really far away. We could see like 3 other volcanos that were erupting when we saw the coast. Guatemala is really beautiful.

Sorry my emails are not that good as a zone leader we are always just running to get everything done. 

Working in the fields.
I love you guys so much. I know that the work we are doing as missionaries is the Lord's work.

Elder Reinhold

We saw the volcano erupt. It was cool.
 I have a video but I can't send videos 
because they are too big.

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