Baptism and Chocolate....

E-- got baptized!!

January 27, 2014
This week was great. First of all we had a baptism!!! This girl had been waiting 3 years for permission from her mom. We finally talked her into giving permission to her daughter and it looks like she wants to be baptized as well. We will see. Right now I am in a trio with another elder that is waiting for his new companion to get here. He is pretty funny and we enjoy having him in the companionship. This week we had a meeting with the president and it was great. Elder Tejero the assistant gave a great talk on how to help struggling missionaries. Elder Tejero is a great guy.

Wow.  In this picture you can see that we are drinking hot chocolate. This was a reward for helping pack it up.  WOW. Swiss miss does not have a chance. The chocolate here is amazing. They are professionals here at making chocolate.
This week I was studying a lot about being a doer and not only a listener. There are some really cool scriptures about that. But I started to think about all the people in my life and I realized how important it is to be a doer or a worker. The Lord does not need listeners, he needs workers.  He needs shepherds that are willing to make their church visits, that are willing to get up and study, and are willing to act in situations where your character is on the line. I came to the conclusion that in the mission it does not matter your personal ability to teach or to talk because the best missionaries are doers. They find ways to have success when the area is tough or when they want to kill their companion. May we be the doer of the gospel and not the seasonal saint or convenient Christian that Satan wants us to be. This is my prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Reinhold

This is my favorite part of our area.  It is so peaceful and beautiful.

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