Discerning the Spirit...

February 3, 2014
Well family, this week was good. Something that is a little bit interesting is that both of my companions have changes. Elder A-- was only with me for 1 month but he is needed somewhere else soooo.....but, we finished strong.
Well, an interesting thing happened to us this week. We preached in a church. It was not like a huge conferece or anything like that. The pastor tricked us. We were having a good day visiting the people and everything when we went to the appointment that we had with Ch--.  Ch-- is from the mountains of Columbia - from the temple of crystal lsodi Skdokw. We met him in the street one night and he started to explain the stars to us and explained the energy of Christ to us, he also explained how we should enter and exit the buses so that we do not pick up any of the bad energy. He did mention that we he knew that Jesus also visited the Americas. When he said that we were like, "Okay, we will pass by one day to share a message." Well, we arrived at his house and he let us in and when we entered there was a white board and about 25 people there to listen to his sermon. So he started to tell us how we are actually in the year 2020 and that 2014 actually marks the birth of Satan - 2020 years from the birth of Christ. When we entered I felt a really bad spirit. I even told my comps as we were walking to the appointment that I felt something was wrong with the appointment. When I was in the room my mind was like blocked from the lack of the Spirit. Then he asked us to talk about our church. My comp went up and started to talk and the spirit came back and everything was good after that but I learned a great lesson on how to recognize the Spirit and how to tell the difference between the Spirit of God and the spirit of Satan. Needless to say, he came to church this week as well.  The whole sacrament meeting consisted of us trying to contain Ch-- so that he did not share his testimony. We will see if he comes next week. Well I feel like I am getting sick so I am going to make it fast. It looks like we will have a baptism next week. I love you guys so much and cant wait to see you guys.

Elder Reinhold

**Photos coming!

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