The Temple and Upcoming Talk in Stake Conference.

We took our investigators to see the temple.

February 24, 2014

Well this week was good for the zone and also good for us here in Centro. This week the zone had 4 baptisms.  That is good for one week. We, personally, did not have a baptism this week but are going to have one on the 8th for sure. This week we had 3 new investigators show up to church that we had never met and one says that he wants to be baptized but he has some addictions he has to get over.

This week I will be preparing a lot as well because I am going to talk in stake conference!!!!!!!!!! This will be the biggest group that I have given a talk in front of. I think that there will maybe be about 1500 people. It will be a good talk.  I have thought a lot about it and I am going to first talk about some experiences that I have had in the mission and after I am going to talk about James 1 where it talks about being a doer and not just a listener, taking advantage of ourselves. I call it Satan's biggest lie. Then I am going to challenge them to act apon all of the instructions that they have recieved this year from the prophet and the apostles.

We went hiking today.
Also some great news!!!!!! Martha's husband got back from the United States and got baptized. Right now they are all going to chuch and being great members. It is so great. Also it looks like there are 4 other people that live there that are going to get baptized. This week we did a lot of divisions to try to help the zone a little bit. Well we are kind of in a hurry this week... like always. Life is a bit crazy as Zone leader but I like it. It makes us work really hard. Pray for me so I can give a good talk in stake conference.

Elder Reinhold

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