Working Hard, Great Apostacy, and Poor English!

February 17, 2014
Well this week was pretty good. This week the zone did not have any baptisms, but the other stats were really good.  (This means everyone is working hard.)  That is a good sign that means this week and next week could be really good also.  As for us in our area, we are trying to work with the family C--. This week we went with President. We taught about the great apostasy and the need for a restoration. 
It was an amazing lesson the Spirit was so strong. President told us that our teaching was excellent. This week we are going to go to see the temple with the family. This week if the whole family isn't ready for baptism, we hope the 3 daughters will be.  
When I was with President my English was so bad. I was forgeting a ton of words. We will see how I do when I get back. I am so excited to hear where kyler is going to go on his mission. I will be waiting all week to see where.  (Update: It is still at least 3 weeks away.)  
Something that I am studying right now that is really cool and really interesting is the great apostasy.  Like when they started to change the doctrine, why they started to change it, and when did the church that Christ established really become apostatized.  Specifically, the changes in the Catholic church.  Also, it is a really interesting topic to really see what happened to all the Apostles. I will keep you guys updated on how it is going here. Love you guys with all of my heart.

Elder Reinhold
**Photos coming soon!

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