Earthquake and Temple Visit!

June 7, 2014

Well let me just start out wow the earthquake this morning was so strong I went running out in the street. They told us that it was 7.1... Well needless to say we now don't have power, and that means that the water will go out in about 5 hours.  Who knows when we will have it again. Our branch president just called us and told us that we have to go to the aldeas (villages) to see if all of the members are ok. 

This week I found out that I might be staying in San Juan for the rest of my mission. It is not for sure, but we will see. This week was absolutely great and also horrible. My companion and I were sick all week. It's just like a common cold but it is so hard to get rid of because as missionaries we are always getting wet and always in the cold. All the members just tell us why are you guys outside you need to be in bed sleeping all day. Well its a good thing that we have a conscience or we would be in bed all day sleeping, but like we always say "La Obra del SeƱor no se para." "The work doesn't stop."

The great part of this week is that we were able to go to the temple. MY FIRST TIME IN 22 MONTHS. It was great. It was such a relief. I can't even tell you. I felt so rejuvenated when we left. It made me realize what power the temple gives us. I want to make it a priority when I get back to go to the temple once a week at least. 

There is a crazy blind guy right now just swearing at us in this internet cafe we are in, in English and in Spanish and in Quiche, because we won't give him money. Interesting... 

Well anyways, the life in Guatemala is really special. 

I miss you guys so much and am just trying to finish up good and strong. Well I have got to get out of here before the crazy guy comes back hahahaha.

Elder Reinhold

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