One Very Tall Guatemalan!

July 14, 2014

Well I'm not going to lie to you guys I really don't have anything to talk about anymore. The culture is normal to me so nothing is really interesting. I am to the point where I am Guatemalan. I find my self buying food like the Guatemalans, I talk like the Guatemalans, I have even picked up the "Hora Chapin" (Guatemalan hour). In my house i was never late to anything and now if I'm a half hour late it doesn't even phase me. I now crave tortillas with my food, I put ketchup on my pizza (yuck), a snack that cost 50 cents is a rip off, I can't eat anything if its not spicy... I am just all messed up, so it will be fun getting used to the US culture again. 

This week was a good week. Today we played soccer against Xela Oeste. We are both part of the same stake so there is always a lot of competition between us. This month we tied for baptisms (11) so we had a soccer match to see who won...and we won 6-2.  They were really bummed. We acutally have a really good team. We are both already so sore. I love you guys so much and in 3 months from today I will be hugging you guys.

Elder Reinhold

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