Now I just need boots but they don't have my size so I will have to settle with the hat.

Well this week was okay... It has been a little bit hard here in San Juan mainly because of illness. My comp and I have been sick these past couple of weeks but we are hanging in there. 

This week I didn't have changes so that means I will be finishing my mission in San Juan Ostuncalco. I have been a bit down lately with the situation here in San Juan but I am doing just fine now. I just decided that I cannot change how people think but that I can do my part so I can stand before the judgement bar with my hands clean and a clean conscience like it says in the scriptures. I am just going to start to love the people and try to create leaders for the branch. I know that it is, according to the knowledge of the world, impossible, but I will start and the Lord will finish. 

Couldn't take it anymore.  Had to buy one!
It's a lot cheaper than in the United States.

Right now my comp and I are focusing on the possible leaders in San Juan. As for the zone we are doing good. Last month we baptized the most in the whole mission and looks like this month we are going to do the same. bbbbbbuuuuttttttt we are a little bit worried because we are going to have our whole zone training missionaries this change, That means no experience soo my comp and I are working to try to make a plan to help the newbies get a hold of the mission. It is going to be a little bit interesting. My comp is going home this change and then I am going home the next. All I can say is poor guy who is going to be my comp for the last change... no just kidding. 

Tonight we are going to chuj it up. (It's that sauna thing that I sent pictures of a while back.) I'm way excited. Well I love you guys a ton and sorry about the lame letters there is just nothing to write about now days.jajajaja

El ├╣nico Vaquero Misionero
en San Juan Ostuncalco