Little Bro Leaving for MTC and Faith....

June 2, 2014

Hey family! 

Wow! First of all, I just want to say how exciting it is that Kyler leaves this week. He is going to be a great missionary. I am so excited that he is going to have the opportunity to rock the nametag as well. It is going to be hard because I won't see him for almost 4 years. But don't worry Ky you have the best family to support you in the mission and a brother finishing the mission. Love you Man.

Sorry, this week I was not able to take pictures because my memory card got all messed up, but next week hopefully I will have pictures again. This week I heard a really cool story. There is a sister in the branch that used to give lunch and wash the clothes of the elders. She said that one time she was passing some really hard times in her life. Her husband was in the United States without work and before he left they had purchased a house here in San Juan. It turned out that the house was sold to 2 separate people. The sister was really scared for how it would turn out because the other people had put more money down on the house. So the missionaries came to her house for lunch and she told the missionaries the situation she was in and when the Missionary, Elder Brown, heard that he said, "Sister, I am going to fast right now until you know that this house is yours." He fasted 2 days and came back and said that the house was hers and that the Lord would provide. It turned out that the papers she had were more authentic and she kept the house. She had tears in her eyes when she told us the story. When we walked out of the house my comp told me he would have said, "Well Sister, let us know where you move to so we can still come for lunch." I said that maybe I would have said, "We can help you move, Sister."  But that is an example of what real faith is. We should ask ourselves if we really have faith? This story motivates me to be better and to have more faith. Let us all have working faith and put everything in the Lord's hands. I love you guys so much and thanks for everything. Good luck Kyler!
Elder Reinhold

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